Peter Brownhill

I am the Technical Team Leader of the 3D Workshops and look after a team of Technical officers and the Schools Health and Safety. I have worked in the workshops showing and helping students and staff create a huge variety of objects, ranging from life casts to high end engineering. The Workshops are open to all students, from Fine Art to Model making, so no day is ever the same.

16 years ago the School purchased its first 3D printer. Since then the area has expanded to 4 workshop based units, using 3 different methods of manufacture, each having its own strengths and applications. I work closely with the Design Research Group / Digital Hack Lab team, collaborating on a number of projects including product design, fashion, medical, urban planning and architecture.

I have used Z-Corp printers, Dimension BST systems, Objet and Ultimaker systems. I use the EOS laser sintering system and prep files with Magics software. I also use the lasers and the CNC mill and Routers, as well as all the more traditional workshop equipment.