David Chau

David originally trained as a chemical engineer before gaining an interest in biotechnology which resulted in the completion of a BEng and MSc, respectively, from the University of Birmingham. Following on, he gained his PhD under the guidance of Professor Martin Griffin (Nottingham Trent/Aston University) in the field of Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials. Thereafter, he pursued his research interests as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow under Professor Kevin Shakesheff (University of Nottingham) in Tissue Engineering & Advanced Drug Delivery before joining the Cell and Organism Engineering Laboratory of Professor Alan Tunnacliffe (University of Cambridge).

David is currently a Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy at the University of Hertfordshire and specialises in teaching "Pharmaceutics"- the design and manufacturing of dosage forms- at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

In essence, David's research interests focuses on biotechnology- the application of the life sciences to the fields of engineering, medicine and material science- in particular their application to regenerative medicine through the use of traditional and novel techniques/technologies. David is a firm believer in the concept of "to make things better, you first need to know how it works" and the implementation of "benchside-to-bedside" technology. As such, he aims to build upon his expertise in tissue engineering and drug delivery to develop more accurate and robust in-vitro-in-vivo-like constructs that may be exploited for therapeutical/clinical applications and drug development.