Antje Illner

Antje IllnerAntje Illner is the Programme Leader for Contemporary Applied Arts and Contemporary Design Crafts at the University of Hertfordshire. Her teaching and learning activities are primarily in 3D applied arts, teaching at all levels with particular focus on the interface between traditional craft skills and new technology methods within the production process. Her practice includes working as a jewellery designer and as a design consultant.

Antje's research draws on the magnification properties of clear glass to highlight intrinsic pattern in the metal, experimenting with different form and pattern creating techniques, including rapid prototyping combined with casting to hold and attach the glass to the metal, and laser engraving and sand blasting as surface decoration. By combining two distinct materials – glass and silver - the fusion enhances each of their natural given qualities, giving synergy and resonance to both. A new classical look and feel about the piece is achieved through this marriage of traditional craft and subtle use of technology.

As a member of the Digital Hack Lab, Antje will explore wearable technologies within her jewellery under the theme of 'transformation' and through the use of Rapid Prototyping to create forms, which are complex inside and simple and sensual on the outside.