3D Printing and Design Symposium 20173D Printing (additive manufacturing) and Design Event 2017

The opportunity to share what we do will be at the forefront of our activities. Regular round table events provide a forum for peers to discuss and exchange points of views, ideas and share research findings.

Our work will involve those within the School, the University as a whole and invited industry partners. As the scale of what we do escalates we will attend and present at both national and international conferences as well as establish our own annual event and invite the community to participate, define and share.

3D Printing (additive manufacturing) and Design Event 2017

Discover how 3D printing and digital technologies can enhance your business and drive innovation. Find out how the University and its specialist unit, the Digital Hack Lab, can help you innovate and transform.

DHL Event 2017

The University of Hertfordshire opened its doors to showcase its cutting edge research and consultancy around 3D printing and design. As an attendee you had the chance to explore the business applications of 3D printing and design, see demonstrations of 3D printers at work and explore how designers make full use of the technology. See how 3D printing is revolutionising manufacturing, fashion, product design, architecture, aerospace, medicine and more.

Working with the University offers individuals and companies expertise in the design area as well as expert knowledge of 3D technology. Academics continue to push the boundaries to expand and build on knowledge of what these machines can achieve. The Hack Lab looks to dissolve boundaries between design, production, distribution and consumption, forging communities across disciplines and industry.