ASA 2014 Conference Paper

Dr. Silvio Carta - AFHEA

ASA 2014 Conference Paper: Design education & design research

The construction of Immersive Spaces between Education and Research.

This paper discusses the case study of the project "immersive spaces": a design workshop which translates the research activity conducted in the Design Research Group Digital Hack Lab into the design education of the students of the Interior Architecture and Design at the University of Hertfordshire.

Big Data Projects for Design and Architecture

This study proposes the collection and the analysis of a series of case studies based on the most recent projects realised with the employment of big data as a driver in the design process, in opposition to those spline-driven digital designs based on sampling and mathematical approximation. The data will be collected amongst the archives of some of the main centres of advanced architecture and design in Europe and North America: IAAC Barcelona, Frac Centre Orléans, MIT, sciarc, Los Angeles, Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA).

The aim of the project is to find evidences of the use of big data in recent designs and to provide a preliminary attempt of a possible phenomenology for the process employed.