27 April 2017

Discrete Mist

Silvio designed an installation for the Clothes Show in Birmingham in November 2016.

The Discrete Mist is part of Silvio’s longstanding research on the use of digital technologies into spatial environments. The project is characterised by a system of acrylic rods connected by 3Dptinted connectors. The design is the result of a scripted process that includes a series of algorithms where the space given for the exhibition has been discretised and then materialised.

The acrylic rods generate visual effects that, together with the spotlights and LEDs used in the installation, blur the appearance of the structure. Shadows, reflections, and refractions become part of the structure making it difficult to identify both the elements and their extent in the overall composition. Depending on light conditions, the acrylic rods create deceiving perception of fore and background, generating a misty effect to the observer.