27 April 2017

As part of his work on public space and big data, Silvio published an article on the Conversation. The study revolves around the idea that if it is true that cities are increasingly becoming spatial social networks of interaction, we are all in front of a crossroad: then we can either continue to unthinkingly produce a deluge of data that will result in the space we live within, or we can start taking control of it. If we all use the power and potentiality of big data and ubiquitous computing in a clever way, we can actively contribute to the making of the public realm, by inputting data and generating information consciously.

By being aware of, say, the wider impact of our Twitter feeds, Facebook responses or personal information sharing, we can make data analysts and brokers go in one specific direction or another. If members of the public are aware that their (data-producing) actions are listened to, collected and used to shape decisions, then they can become an active part of that process.

The article has been retweeted around the world, and reached 5,000+ readers in the first weeks. Read the full article.