13 June 2018

Modeclix in collaboration with Sensoree and Digits2Widgets showcases some of the best current digital related fashion projects at London Technology Week.

DIGITAL FANCIES: Bioresponsive E-Textiles and 3D Printing in Fashion

The projects displayed are at various stages of development, showing examples of what's really achievable today and also catch a glimpse of the near future.

SensoreeModeClixDigital InterloopingOurOwnSkinE-StitchesDigits2Widgets

Dr Shaun Borstrock and Professor Mark Bloomfield present, demonstrate and discuss Modeclix with members of the Digits2Widgets team who explain their 3D printing technologies and how they might apply to, and inspire future work.

Collaborators include:

Kristin Neidlinger’s reknowned Mood Sweater (which features on the homepage of the LTW website.) Come and try it on and express yourself. Sensoree are based in San Francisco, so this event offers a rare opportunity to see this piece in London.

Mark Bloomfield and Shaun Borstrock's modular 3d printed textile system, developed at the University of Hertfordshire's Digital Hack Lab. This system allows for infinite tailoring, once the 3D printing process is complete.

Digital Interlooping
Manchester School of Art's Mark Beecroft, presents his fascinating 3D printed structures generated from the geometry of existing knit patterns. A combination of this geometry and the 3D print material makes them perform in the most exciting ways.

Liz Ciokajlo-Squire, Rhian Solomon and Manolis Papastavrou’s project, exploring the structure of skin and digitally applying it to footwear.

From the V&A's e-textile group, Rachel Freire & Melissa Coleman, Bushra Burge, Maartje Dijkstra, Irene Posch & Ebru Kurbak and Rain Ashford present their projects.


Industrial 3D printing studio based in North London, with a focus on communicating with clients to help them get the best from digital making technologies.