8 June 2016

Hack 04/16 is the first publication to be released by the Design Research Group / Digital Hack Lab.

This first edition has been designed by Nick Lovegrove, Programme Leader for graphic Design and Illustration and edited by Rachel Park editor of Disruptive Magazine and Visiting Professor Mark Bloomfield. The photography is by Agnes Lloyd Platt, a leading fashion photographer who has recently been featured in Creative Review magazine.

Hack 04/16 is a peer-reviewed publication that takes a fresh approach to disseminating not only our research, but also provides invaluable insights from other academics and industry partners working with us in pushing the boundaries and using design as a catalyst for innovation.

Our mission is to foster a unifying, cross disciplinary approach and work collaboratively, removing the silos that exist within design and other disciplines whether it be with fashion and engineering, medical, the sciences, architecture and product or industrial design.

The Digital Hack Lab is a cutting edge research project that explores the possibilities of design, 3D printing, creativity, making, technology, science, business, art and everything in-between.

With the assistance of leading industry partners, the Lab seeks to develop real-world experimental projects to dissolve boundaries between design, production, distribution and consumption, and forge communities through collaboration across disciplines and industry, upgrading traditional practice using digital tools, artisanal process and design thinking.

We take existing problems and issues faced by organisations and redefine them. The diverse expertise of the Digital Hack Lab team enables specific research areas to be tackled while realising the opportunity for innovation, encouraging change through the broad scope of new thinking offered by digital technologies.

We believe that collaboration requires all involved to re-think the way they think, be adaptive to approaching things differently to creating solutions to complex issues. This outward facing approach encourages diversity that is forward thinking and challenges the norm.

It leads to an environment that constantly addresses the needs of industry and education illustrating our understanding of the changing world and promotes forward thinking and risk taking.

This first edition includes inspiring vision articles from the research team along with interviews with leaders from industry and education. They define the face and the voice of this journal and set the stage for a future that’s designed, built and enjoyed by all.