26 April 2017

Shaun Borstrock initiated a collaborative project with Brooklyn College and Associate Professor Veronica Manlow to look at the impact of technology in luxury retail environments. The project is at its heart design led and aims to explore the perception and production of luxury in high-end fashion stores where the idea of luxury is pursued by in-store technology and interactive experience, as opposed to the use of traditional images and symbols of luxury.

In February 2017 Shaun Borstrock, Silvio Carta and Nick Lovegrove held a workshop in Brooklyn where local business students collaborated with A-IAD and GDI students in the redesign of retail spaces. The brief considered the study and design of a prototype for a luxury retail experience, specifically a new Prada flagship store in New York.

The challenge of this project was to start with a design proposal, and provide a solution that informs the approach to business to create a coherent retail strategy. Students examined the Prada brand, luxury, luxury brands, the circular economy (materials), the user and their role in creating an experience that is innovative and clearly captures the changing world and the impact of technology.