BSc (Hons) Music Composition and Technology for Film and Games

Key information

Why choose this course?

  • Compose, produce and implement music for games, animation and film
  • Graduate success at Ubisoft, Frontier Developments, Konami & Universal
  • 2nd in the East of England (after Cambridge) for Music (2023 Complete University Guide)
  • You are fascinated by the potential of technology in the creative process and wish to explore the likes of Unreal Engine, Unity, WWise, FMOD, Logic, and Pro Tools.
  • Involvement from our alumni, providing their experiences of how the course has helped them into employment.    
  • You wish to understand and explore current trends in film music and game audio.
  • Gain a BSc – because we genuinely explore the art and science of music composition/ audio design.
  • You wish to be taught by current practitioners and exponents in the art of writing film and games.
  • You wish to be part of a department within a school that includes filmmaking, animation and game design.
  • The Music Composition and Technology for Film and Games degree is a unique and distinctive degree award in the UK.
  • We have some of the best resources in the UK, including state-of-the art music studios and specialist film, animation and game design facilities. ​

What's the course about?

This specialist degree focuses on game audio and film music, covering creative, technical and business. You’ll compose, produce, and implement music and sound for a huge variety of film, animation and game audio titles, and be part of networking and collaboration within the school of creative arts. With the support of industry professionals, you’ll analyse the styles of different composers and genres, understand film/ game workflows, explore middleware, and develop a critical understanding of how musical parameters affect visuals. You’ll also study the business aspects of this sector, pursue work experience and build the skills to become a creative, technical and entrepreneurial musician/ audio professional.

This course is part of the music department in the School of Creative Arts, and a wide range of undergraduate music degrees are on offer.

Check out our facilities

Music students at the University of Hertfordshire have access to a stunning array of well-maintained resources and facilities aligned to industry standards, including recording studios, performance spaces, critical listening spaces, high-spec computing labs and a loan store offering a range of free-to-use equipment.

Find out more about our music facilities here.

Your main campus is College Lane  

This is where the creative arts, science and health-related subjects are based. This means you’ll share the campus with future nurses, scientists, artists and more. You can use the common rooms to relax with friends, work out in the 24-hour gym or have a drink in our on-campus pub or cafes. We also have restaurants for you to eat in or grab something on the go. Our Learning Resources Centres are open 24/7, which means you can study whenever suits you best. Want to pop over to the other campus? You can take the free shuttle bus or walk there in just 15 minutes.   

What will I study?

You will receive a mixture of interactive lectures, seminars and tutorials, with much practical based teaching. Module content is reviewed each academic year to remain current and industry relevant, and you will have opportunities to independently collaborate with student filmmakers/ game designers additional to the timetabled sessions. You can also benefit from the input of additional music industry experts visiting our University.

Course Content 

The BSc (Hons) in Music Composition and Technology for Film and Games brings an enhanced emphasis on music for video games and media. The course focuses on two specialist areas of equal importance. From a game audio perspective, you will create and implement music and sound designs for a variety of projects across both leading Unreal and Unity engines, exploring industry relevant skills.  From a media composer standpoint, you will be developing your composition talent across areas such as film, TV production music, animation and live performance.  Subject currency is a key strength of the course, with content reviewed by industry professionals, and enhanced on a regular basis to meet industry needs.     

You will analyse the styles of different game/ film composers and genres of soundtracks, study the script writing, reading process and understand different stages of the practical production across Pro Tools and Logic. You will develop a critical understanding of how different musical and technical parameters affect visuals, and study business aspects associated to specialist creative roles in the industry.

Importantly, you will pursue professional work experience and build working relationships with other students developing collaborations in the Faculty. 

Most of all, you will be an entrepreneurial musician - someone who has talent as a composer and has the ability to get their music out there…

Our location is at the heart of the UK film and media industries and we utilise this unique benefit in combination with well-designed and practical courses.

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Student Blogs

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Alumni Stories

Jamal Green

Meet Jamal Green, a music composer and part of the team that won Best Debut Game at the BAFTA Games Awards 2022.

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Current jobMusic composers for TOEM
Year of graduation2020
Course of studyBSc (Hons) Music Composition and Technology in Film and Games
 Jamal Green

Winning a BAFTA Games Award

Music composer Jamal is part of the team that won Best Debut Game at the BAFTA Games Awards 2022. The winning video game TOEM is entirely hand drawn, with players embarking on an expedition to uncover mysteries. Jamal said, ‘I've been waiting for that feeling we got backstage after we won to wear off, but I guess it won't! You only get one shot at winning Debut Game and that makes it so much more exciting!’

A supportive learning environment

‘I didn't have any equipment of my own whatsoever when I started at Herts so I woke up early every morning to get to the Mac Suites to work before people would flood in for their classes. I was often allowed to stay in those rooms and work quietly at the back and so I'd really stay for as long as possible, stopping for lunch or going to classes when I had some of my own to go to (or sometimes not). I would stay in one of the mac suites until one of the proctors closed up at night. Herts has great facilities and state of the art equipment and I'm grateful I was able to use it to its fullest. Herts definitely nurtures students who want to push themselves by just allowing them the freedom to use equipment they otherwise wouldn't have access to.’

Advice for other students and graduates

‘My biggest bit of advice for undergrads is "find your people". I'm always telling people most of what I learned at uni came from the friends I made. We're a tight knit group of people who are still sharing ideas and guiding each other now and those friendships formed at university! Allow yourself to be surrounded by people you admire and people you feel comfortable sharing your worst ideas and vulnerabilities with. Discover, learn, fail and succeed together and you might find people you can still rely on years after university.’

Aspirations for the future

‘After winning a BAFTA Games Award, now is the best time to remain level-headed and pragmatic about the future, but I also want to remain ambitious, and I'd like to return to the BAFTAs to take home the award for Best Original Score - and why not throw in a Grammy and an Oscar for good measure.’

‘I recently went back through my social media and website bio's and took out "Composer for films, game and TV" and instead replaced it with just "Composer" I will always love writing music for films and games and I'm immensely proud of my work so far, but I also want to explore myself as an artist, musician and composer in my own right. I want to be able to look back and feel like I've explored my own ideas to their fullest.’

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Alumni Stories

Robin McGovern

Meet Robin McGovern who has worked as an audio tester on some amazing projects since graduating, like Jurassic World for Frontier Developments. Robin is currently working as an Audio Designer for Ubisoft.

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Current job roleJunior Audio Designer
Year of graduation2016
Course of studyBSc (Hons) Music Composition and Technology for Films and Games
Robin McGovern headshot

University experience and opportunities

Robin ascribes a lot of his career success to the skills he learnt throughout his studies. He says, 'My studies provided me with the skills and ability to be able to recognise and create high quality audio. Straight after finishing my studies I got a job at Frontier Developments as an Audio Tester, working on Jurassic world and Elite dangerous. I was then promoted to Audio Test Engineer, at which point Ubisoft contacted me asking if I was interested in a job audio testing with them.'

Robin speaks fondly of the University of Hertfordshire and how his studies helped him develop professionally. He says, 'The University had a great reputation for it’s facilities, particularly audio and animation. My course helped me to develop my work ethic and creative voice. I really learnt how to work hard, to make my own work, that I loved.'

However, Robin does stress that hard work is important and that students should take advantage of the opportunities given to them during their studies. He says 'Work doesn’t get done by not doing it. Though this is blatantly obvious, if I had really known what this meant when I started everything would have been far easier.'

Aspirations for the future

Still wanting to develop himself further, Robin is looking to progress within Audio Design for games. He notes, 'One day I would love to work on the audio of a feature-length film.'