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Why choose this course?

  • no. 8 in the UK for Economics (2023 Guardian League Table)
  • 96% overall satisfaction (NSS, 2022)
  • Ranked #1 course for teaching, learning opportunities, academic support, etc (NSS, 2022)

If you are excited by big issues and expanding your horizons to find new ways to tackle challenges facing the world today, this is the course for you! You will be taken beyond theory, with stimulating discussions on how different approaches are relevant, how they can co-exist and what this means for you as you expand your thinking and problem-solving capabilities.  

With the majority of teachers being active researchers (including several book authors), you will develop an understanding on how what you are learning directly impacts concerns and challenges we are tackling right now.  

You will get to participate as great thinkers and discuss hot topics. The programme maintains strong links with government economists, key institutions such as the Bank of England as well as forward thinking researchers to offer you a range of relevant guest speakers.  

Assessments are varied including essays, business reports and group presentations. Students are thoroughly prepared in advance. 

A lot of students comment on the extra support offered by the team alongside high quality teaching. We pride ourselves on creating a personal experience for all our students, including frequent monitoring and contact to check your progress and wellbeing. Your personal tutor will help you stay accountable and on track.

What's the course about?

When big picture questions are asked by governments and organisations on who, when, where and how, economists are often turned to for help. Choosing this commended Hertfordshire Economics programme will develop your understanding on how to think and behave like an economist – developing skills in being logical, focused, and capable of evaluating hard facts and data, dispassionately.

Economist skills are so prized in the modern workplace, that choosing this course will open many doors into different fields besides traditional economics, unveiling a world of opportunity for you. In this technological age already fuelled by big data and AI, those with the ability to analyse challenges, and create solutions are already defining the future.   

You will not only learn how economists think, how they analyse, and problem solve. But you’ll also get the chance to consider traditional theories including macroeconomics, microeconomics, and quantitative economics, alongside heterodox methods.  

As you progress through the course, you'll be exposed to a wide range of real-world problems encountered by individuals, businesses, and governments today, and critically, potential approaches to addressing them. You’ll study a variety of perspectives, and are encouraged to think independently, challenging theory where necessary and with good reason. 

Throughout it all you are supported by a diverse range of specialist teaching staff, focused on helping you unlock your potential.  

Where you'll study

Hertfordshire Business School and our Enterprise Hub are both located on the University of Hertfordshire de Havilland Campus. You’ll be sharing the campus with those studying business, law, sports, education, and the humanities, as well as the Sports Village, which features a gym, swimming pool, coffee shop, and climbing wall. 

There are two dining options, a bar, and a recreational space on campus where you can shoot some pool or play video games. The Enterprise Hub is a vibrant destination where local firms and students can work and learn in comfort. In addition to open study spaces, our Learning Resources Centre also features private study rooms, and is open 24/7 allowing you to study around your schedule. 

The student union bar and additional facilities are only a 20-minute walk (or short bus ride) away at our second campus. Student housing is available near both campuses.  

What will I study?

This course offers a blend of modern heterodox and more traditional methods in economics. It will enable you to apply a variety of economic principles to a wide range of problems. You’ll have the advantage of being able to offer your quantitative skills in numerous professional situations when you graduate.  

In the first year, all students study introductory modules on microeconomics and macroeconomics and are equipped with fundamental quantitative skills. Students develop a general understanding of both and an understanding of the practicalities.  

In the second year, students deepen their exposure to microeconomics and macroeconomics and develop their quantitative skills by studying techniques of economic analysis and econometrics, as well as applying and challenging theory. 

Your final year culminates into a deep focus on modern econometrics. 

During his time (BA (Hons) Economics, graduate) in the Engineering team, he has proven to be a good communicator, analyst and preformed all tasks set to him at a high standard. His economics background provided very useful skills for tackling the benchmarking task. This involved critical data analysis over large sums of data with the intention of creating a working benchmarking template for the Engineering team to use in 2020. He accomplished this task by providing an excellent team presentation and final documentation.


ENGIE (utilities company)

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Sarah - Business

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Alumni Stories

Elizaveta Zaskalko

Meet Elizaveta Zaskalko who has explored the tourism industry and shared her passion for travel. She currently works at Expedia Inc as Associate Market Manager.

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Current job roleAssociate Market Manager
Year of graduation2016
Course of studyBA (Hons) Tourism Management with French
Elizaveta Zaskalko headshot

A passion for travel

Elizaveta always had a passion for tourism and knew her career would be within the industry. She currently works at Expedia Inc as Associate Market Manager in the Join Expedia Team (JET) and is responsible for the acquisition of new hotels in Kent.

She started at Expedia straight after graduating from the University in 2016, in the role of Market Associate in the Account Management team. After a year in post she decided to step out of her comfort zone and apply for a promotion in the expanding JET team.

Studying at the University gave her a vast knowledge of the tourism industry which she previously lacked and prepared her for entering the sector. Tourism is a diverse and global industry with many career opportunities for new graduates.

She says, 'When I started my studies, I knew that I wanted to work in the tourism industry but had no idea which part of it. As I progressed, I learned about so many different branches of the industry and it really helped me to narrow it down to the one I actually really enjoyed.'

Strong employment links

'The best thing about my course is that it prepared us for the working world. The programme had a huge focus on employability, which I think was incredibly useful. Coming out of university I knew where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do and how to achieve it.'

The employment focus and links to industry embedded into Elizaveta's degree are what persuaded her to study at Herts. Our courses are designed to give students great opportunities, prepare them for professional life and provide them with direct access to their chosen profession through expert teaching and tangible industry connections.

Elizaveta says, 'An important factor for me choosing to study at the University was being able to do an industry placement year, as it's very hard to get a job without work experience nowadays. My placement year was very challenging but it was one of the most useful experiences I have had so far.'

The best thing about my course is that it prepared us for the working world. The programme had a huge focus on employability, which I think was incredibly useful. Coming out of university I knew where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do and how to achieve it.

Alumni headshot

Alumni Stories

Abies Iriowen

Meet Abies Iriowen who has applied her degree to improve diversity and equality in businesses. She currently works as a Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator at Goldman Sachs

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Current job roleDiversity and Inclusion Coordinator
Year of graduation2018
Course of studyBA (Hons) Business and Event Management
Abies Iriowen

University experience

Abies has fond memories of her time at the University of Hertfordshire and is grateful for all of the opportunities she had within and outside of her studies.

She stresses the importance of joining societies, going on trips and taking advantage of tutors. She says, that her studies gave her ‘the push to get practical work experience as they taught me great organisation skills and how to work well in a team.’

As part of her degree, Abies secured a placement at FDM group who then asked her to come back after she graduated. ‘I got to this point in my career by getting as much work experience as possible. I completed two summer internships before securing my placement.’.

Current career and future

As a Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator at Goldman Sachs, her role involves ‘managing school engagement programmes across the UK, supporting external conversations and diversity and inclusion, and delivering all Diversity and Inclusion Events across the country.’

In the future, she hopes to work her way up in an organisation to promote and support inclusive working environments.

I got to this point in my career by getting as much work experience as possible. I completed two summer internships before securing my placement.

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