BA (Hons) Business Economics

Key information

Why choose this course?

  • 1st for teaching, learning opportunities and resources, academic support, and more (NSS*, 2022)
  • Overall student satisfaction of 96% (NSS, 2022)
  • 8th in the UK for Economics (The Guardian University Guide, 2023)

*National Student Survey (NSS)

They say money makes the world go around, but it’s economic decisions that keep it turning, touching everything in our lives. Every decision counts, from the big political challenges of the day, how markets and businesses choose to operate, even our own personal lifestyle choices.

This is why governments, banks and businesses all turn to and rely on economists for vital help with analysis and advice. This could be your future role if you choose to study our highly acclaimed BA (Hons) Business Economics degree. 

We will take you beyond theory, challenging you with stimulating discussions on traditional and non-conventional economic approaches, and the impact they have in the real world. Our course will boost your problem solving skills and develop you to think like an economist, adopting a logical and focused approach where you’re capable of evaluating hard facts and data. 

These economist skills are so prized in the modern workplace, that choosing our course will open doors into different fields besides traditional economics. In a fast-paced technological age, fuelled by big data and AI, trained economists with the ability to analyse challenges, problem solve and create solutions, are already defining the future.

You will meet and learn from our alumni who work in key public and private sector organisations including roles in HM Treasury, Western Union, Content Guru, NIESR and Anglian Water. Plus, you can see that whilst many are in specialised economics roles, others use their skills to follow individual passions such as sustainability, technology, or conservation. 

Your learning will also be inspired by leading experts who have successful careers in governments and other key institutions such as the Bank of England as well as forward-thinking academic economist researchers for the latest thinking and ideas.    

This course sits within the Hertfordshire Business School, which is part of a wide-reaching Enterprise Hub with many business connections. We host our own Business Academy, where you can meet entrepreneurs–in–residence, business ambassadors, and industry leaders at networking events or in guest lectures. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you will be encouraged to enter the Flare annual competition for students and alumni looking to start their own businesses. Winners get support, training, and funding to help make their ideas a reality. 

Our staff

With the majority of our teachers being active researchers (including several book authors), you will develop an understanding of how your learning is directly impacting the concerns and challenges we are tackling right now. Your course is led by a diverse, enthusiastic teaching team with a broad range of interest areas, providing you with a broad base of expertise. Industry backgrounds include global government employees, alongside those with a strong research pedigree. 

Your teaching team is complemented by a dedicated academic support team, wellbeing team and personal tutor to help you adjust to the demands of university learning and living.   

What's the course about?

You’ll learn how economists think, how they analyse, and how they problem solve. You’ll also study traditional theories including macroeconomics, microeconomics, and quantitative economics, alongside heterodox methods.

As you progress through the course, you'll be exposed to a wide range of real world problems encountered by individuals, businesses, and governments today. Critically, you’ll explore potential approaches to addressing them. You’ll study a variety of perspectives, and are encouraged to think independently, challenging theory where necessary and with good reason. 

“In the second and third years of my Herts Economics course is where I really began to love the subject - and there were some great lecturers who covered fascinating topics. I thoroughly enjoyed expanding my knowledge into microeconomics, as well as delving into relatively new concepts such as game theory and econometrics. For me, these werethe subjects that stood out on the course and were delivered to a very high level. These subjects teach you a lot about the theory of economics but also a lot about how it can be applied to real world examples. Both have been immensely useful in my chosen career path and provided a level of analytical thinking I know that other graduates do not have. ” 

Our assessments include written essays, work-based business reports and group presentations, which gives you a head start on developing the practical skills needed for your career.    

As a caring and friendly university, we pride ourselves on our pastoral support, alongside high-quality teaching. You’ll benefit from a personal experience, including frequent contact to check your progress and wellbeing. Your personal tutor will help you stay accountable and on track.   

Feedback from one student really sums it up: “Overall, without the support from lecturers and the programme leader I would not have had such a positive university experience nor gone on to study a master's course. The staff made me realise my potential which I then unlocked.“  

Where you'll study 

Your teaching is on our modern campus, with self-study materials to support you from our virtual learning platform, StudyNet. 

You’ll study at the Hertfordshire Business School which is located on our large de Havilland Campus. You’ll be sharing this campus with others studying business, law, sports, education, and the humanities, as well as the Enterprise Hub and the Sports Village, which features a gym, swimming pool, coffee shop, and climbing wall and our Enterprise Hub. 

There are dining options, a bar, and a recreational space on campus where you can shoot some pool or play video games. The Enterprise Hub is a vibrant destination where local firms and students can work and learn in comfort. In addition to open study spaces, our Learning Resources Centre also features private study rooms, and is open 24/7 allowing you to study around your schedule. 

The Student Union bar and additional facilities are only a 20-minute walk (or short bus ride) away at our College Lane Campus. Student housing is available at both campuses. 

What will I study?

“I really valued the wide range of optional modules to choose from on the course, which allowed me to explore different avenues in the first two years, and then cater the course to my specific interests and competencies in my final year.” 

You will cover four modules each semester, each with a minimum of two hours of in-person teaching per week. You will also need to do independent learning and will have access to online content as well as recommended books, videos, and podcasts to help you.  

This course offers a blend of modern heterodox and more traditional methods in economics. It will enable you to apply a variety of economic principles to a wide range of problems. 

In the first year, you’ll study introductory modules on microeconomics and macroeconomics, and be equipped with fundamental quantitative skills.  

In the second year, you will progress to intermediate microeconomics and macroeconomics while also enhancing your appreciation of economics in relation to business.  

In the final year, you’ll get to study managerial economics and strategic thinking in business. This year, you can choose from a variety of optional modules.   

There are also opportunities to further enrich your personal development through our Go Herts certification program, placements, internships, study-abroad and Future Success networking events.