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BA (Hons) Fashion Design

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, examinations may be replaced by an alternative form of assessment during the academic year 2020/2021. Please refer to the Programme Specification on these pages for further details.

Work with leading designers/brands on live projects e.g. Ellesse
Work with leading designers/brands on live projects e.g. Ellesse
Take part in major national and international competitions
Take part in major national and international competitions
Showcase work to Industry at the prestigious Graduate Fashion Event
Showcase work to Industry at the prestigious Graduate Fashion Event

This course includes the sandwich year options of:

Work Placement*

Study abroad*

*No fees are charged for this year

Why choose this course?

  • We support freedom of expression and individuality and help our students to be industry informed, socially responsible and creatively prepared
  • Our Fashion Design award offers an exciting balance of creativity, innovation and technical design helping to develop the next generation of fashion professionals in a rapidly changing industry
  • Strong industry relationships with a number of leading brands and designers collaborating through live projects, work placements, competition sponsorship and graduate employment opportunities
  • A great spacious contemporary environment including industry standard resources for you to thrive in
  • A highly experienced and dedicated academic and technical team putting your learning at the centre of the programme

What's the course about?

Fashion impacts upon all aspects of our lives and shapes our appreciation and understanding of the world around us. This course offers a commercially informed, creative and innovative design experience for tomorrow’s generation of fashion professionals. You’ll learn vital pattern-cutting skills in 2D and 3D as well as core manufacturing abilities. You’ll also enhance your freehand and technical drawing and illustration skills using traditional and computer-aided design methods.

As well as technical skills, you’ll explore the history of fashion and exciting innovations in contemporary design. Optional study trips, fashion shows, exhibitions and competitions will enrich your educational experience, while live industry projects could lead to your designs going into production and open up employment opportunities.

If you've already completed an Undergraduate degree, why not take a look at our Postgraduate degree and specialise in MA Fashion?

What will I study?

In Year 1 the focus is on learning core design, technical and portfolio skills. We help you to understand the power of observation, how to develop an idea from concept to completion through experimentation and exploration, through the use of CAD and traditional portfolio techniques, you are taught how to begin to develop a relevant fashion portfolio.

You will also learn about 2D and 3D traditional and non-typical pattern cutting techniques beginning with the basics through to creative modelling on the stand and draping. How to manufacture garments beginning with the fundamental basics of sewing techniques and skills through to fully finished outcomes. Critical and Cultural studies will develop your knowledge about the global Fashion industry and the historical and contemporary aspects of Fashion.

In Year 2, you further develop your core fashion design, technical and portfolio skills with a greater emphasis on a continuous programme of exploration, eager curiosity and creativity. You will also learn about and develop skills in branding, marketing and communication and promotion. We also provide our students with the opportunity to participate in internationally recognised competitions too. Just some of the companies our students have enjoyed working for include Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Giles Deacon, M&S, Ted Baker, Karen Millen, Maria Grachvogel, F&F, Boden, Paragon Clothing, New Look. 

​We'll teach you how to build networks with industry partners to enhance your career opportunities; through our visiting specialists and guest speakers. At the end of your second year, we offer a Sandwich year, where you can take a one year internship either abroad or in the UK to really develop those industry contacts.

In Year 3, you will be working towards a major project including a final contemporary collection, an essay on a particular aspect of Fashion and a professional portfolio. You are encouraged to put into practice the skills and knowledge gained throughout your studies capitalising on your strengths and embracing traditional, new and emerging technologies to communicate your design aesthetic. The portfolio will contain a comprehensive portfolio of designs, tech packs, marketing and promotional material. We also hold a Graduate Fashion Show, where you will get a chance to display your work completed during your course.

Independent study

As a student on our Fashion programme, a large chunk of your time will consist of independent study. Working on set tasks as directed by your tutors, you will be expected to explore and progress your projects independently outside of lesson hours.

Don’t worry though; independent study doesn’t have to mean studying alone. You will be guided by your tutors on the tasks, able to use our state-of-the-art facilities outside of lesson hours alongside your classmates, and supported by our excellent technicians if you have a query or get stuck when your tutor isn’t around. This allocated independent study gives you the ideal opportunity to build your personal style and grow confidence working and making decisions alone, whilst still giving you professional support and personal guidance you need on your academic journey.

Student Blogs

Neofytos - My week at a glance

My week at a glance.

My week starts by attending to my studio space, which it is a corner made up of 3 big white boards, a locker to secure my belongings and a table to work on. I personally love that space! It always makes me feel good! Having this area to work and do research for projects that I have been given, make me feel focused and productive.

On Tuesdays I have a lecture which it is about two or two and half hours, depending on how much we need to cover.  In our lecture, we talk about theories that could be beneficial to our artistic perspective, but we also use this time to talk about anything that involves group assignments and projects.

Wednesdays for me only consist of a hour of optional art talks. During these talks, we have the chance to attend a seminar where artists are presenting their work to us! That's an amazing way to be provided with an insight of how the industry works and be prepared for our working lives after graduation.

Lastly, we have our optional life drawing sessions which runs every Thursday's afternoon is a great chance to have a little break from spending most of your time in your studio space working on your projects. Going to the life drawing session I have the great chance to observe the human figure, as well as being given the great opportunity to draw models.

As for the Friday I have nothing booked on, so I can spend most of my time in my studio space working on my projects without get distracted!

I love my routine at the university, it gives me both the time to work on my projects thus attend and organise sessions and group works.

Student Blogs

Neofytos - Why I love my Course

What I love most about my course.

For years I have been drawing, painting and sculpting - prompting me to study BA Hons Fine Art. And as a result, I have expanded my knowledge and learned more about fine art in greater depth about what I love.

The facilities at the Art and Design building are just amazing! That is what I love the most about my course. As a Fine Art student at this university I have the great chance to participate and work in different workshops such as printmaking, ceramics, textile, welding, life drawing and so many more. For me that is the most beneficial factor, because in this way the University allows me to explore and learn more about my artistic direction by trying different mediums and methods. Therefore, by having the freedom to attend to different workshops, I have the great chance to meet people from different courses, make new friends with similar interests and even more have the chance to collaborate with some of them!

As I said I love my course, because it allows me and supporting me to try expanding horizons and find my artistic voice in a very healthy way.

Student Blogs

Neofytos - Why choose Herts?

Why I chose Herts.

I am an international student and by studying at the University of Hertfordshire, it has been a blessing!

I chose Herts, because the University itself is such a great place to study! The facilities and the two beautifully designed campuses that the University has, made my studies here amazing! For instance, there are two big libraries at the University where really helps the students with their coursework, one at the one campus and the second one to the other one. Moreover, all the buildings where we have classes at are very new and that proves that the university cares about university's appearance and invest a lot of money for the students to have a great environment to study within.

However, except of the excellent facilities that the university has, the University has a great spot for socialising. Cafes, restaurants, common rooms, gyms and a big University club are factors that make Herts a great place to be. All of them are located very near to each other which is very convenient for us as students to socialise easily.

Speaking of location, the University is located not very far from London which is an amazing thing since London is such a beautiful and diverse city!

All these were the factors that made me to choose Herts and I have never regretted my choice!