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We shared with you why we love psychology and you've told us why this subject is so close to your heart too. In our two competitions, you gave us succinct yet insightful answers to the statement: “Why I love Psychology”. In our second, you gave us some predictions about where this fascinating field will take us in the next 50 years and what issues you hope psychology will solve.

We’d like to thank all those who participated in the competitions. We received lots of fascinating and intelligent answers to both questions and enjoyed reading them all. After reading the entries we chose our favourite answers and we’re pleased to announce the following winners:

I love psychology because...

it's a mirror for me and a window to others.

Emily Cunningham

our azamnig mnid can prcoess twsited snetecnes like this.

Dorothe Diensthuber

it transforms the abstract into the tangible.

Rebecca Hill

it is the key to unlocking the human mind.

Zac Richter

it represents hope for the minds of the future.

Salise Abdullah

In the next 50 years, I hope that psychology will…

be used in schools to give children the tools they need to be mindful, productive and learn who they are.

Steve Longley

be able to explain people's behaviour on spectrums and make them acceptable without giving labels.

Miroslava Budin

improve the world's understanding of those around them regardless of differences, making the world a safer place for the vulnerable.

Ebtisam Boulouyoune

teach humanity how to heal the political divides that separate us.

Tommy Honton

be able to reflect on its achievements over the previous 50 years without being affected by hindsight bias.

Dan Mullen

Thank you to all those who took part and congratulations to our winners who have each received a £50 Amazon voucher.