Music, performance and production

Whether you are a musician, performer, producer or engineer, we offer fantastic programmes that give students an immersive and practical study experience. Our students are creative, enterprising and ambitious - writing and producing their own music. On these programmes, you'll work on a range of musical projects developing an impressive portfolio centred around music creation. You'll hone technical skills, and develop an understanding of a wide range of musical styles, theories and cultures, and apply these skills and understanding to the creation of music products.

Why choose this subject area?

  • no. 13 in the world for Creative Media & Entertainment Schools and Colleges (Rookie Awards 2020)
  • you will benefit from industry input is built into the design of our degrees to ensure the skills you learn are relevant to the industry today
  • develop excellent technical skills over the course of your degree, and benefit from our high quality studio, listening room, venue and sound resources including those by SSL, Yamaha, Avid, Focusrite, Quested, Genelec, Neumann, TLA, Lexicon and Drawmer
  • we have some of the best resources in the UK, including our very own entertainment venue, the Forum, where our students perform, and engineer every month. You will also have access to industry standard music studios and film and TV facilities in our state-of-the art Music, Film and Media building.
Student setting up microphone
Student playing drums
Music studio

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'My undergraduate degree in Music Technology introduced me to sound design for moving image, something I hadn't thought about when applying for the course, I had initially been focused on music. There was something about putting sound to visuals that excited me and I've been doing it ever since.'

Michael Leaning

BSc (Hons) Music Technology