Mathematics and physics

Answer the mysteries of the universe by opening your eyes to the exciting disciplines of mathematics and physics. You will be challenged to understand how your knowledge can influence the broader spectrum of space and professional industries by learning complex problem-solving and statistical analysis skills. These fields demand that you think with curiosity, expanding your knowledge, ideas and mind at every opportunity.

Why choose this subject area?

  • 2nd in the East of England (after Cambridge) for Physics and Astronomy (2023 Complete University Guide)
  • our degrees lets you study the fundamental theories and skills behind Physics and Mathematics enabling you to apply them to modern-day research and technology
  • you will gain hand-on experience at our dedicated facilities, including our own observatory
  • we teach you a variety of topics with opportunities to specialise in advanced areas based on what interests you the most, making your degree flexible and relevant to your professional goals and personal interests
  • during your final year, you will work with one of our experienced researchers in the Centre for Astrophysics Research and Centre for Atmospheric & Instrumentation Research to carry out an investigative project into a cutting-edge area of your field.
'I would not be where I am without the opportunities that opened up whilst studying at the University of Hertfordshire. From extracurricular projects, to connections with other world ranking Universities, I can but thank the University for its guidance and support that kick-started my career.'

Samuel Nathan Richards

BSc (Hons) Astrophysics with Sandwich Year