Journalism, media and communications

Uncover the exciting and diverse world of journalism, media and communications. Covering everything from reporting breaking news to writing and designing advertising copy and social media posts journalism, media and communications are becoming an increasingly important part of our society through how we interact and how our views of the world are shape. By studying this subject you will explore the interplay between theoretical knowledge and practical skills and how that will put you on the front line of communicating with all audiences.

Why choose this subject area?

  • make industry connections with professionals from TV broadcasters, national newspapers and start-ups gaining valuable insight into this competitive industry
  • future-proof your practical skills by developing theoretical skills and knowledge in our computer labs
  • benefit from academic experts who work or have worked in the media across a wide range of platforms and insight into cutting edge research
'The most useful thing about my course was the wide array of module choices, allowing me to tailor my course to my specific needs and interest in journalism and PR.'

Jonathan Yip

BA (Hons) Mass Communications