Relationship Marketing

About the course

Unit 1: the benefits of relationship marketing

An introduction to relationship marketing and the core pillars of a good relationship marketing strategy. Students will look at companies who do relationship marketing very well and explore what they do and how it has influenced their organisational development.

Unit 2: First glance

Making the right first impression in marketing is about communicating effectively from the start. This session will explore the ways you can influence your potential customers with early stage marketing activities that lay the right foundation for long term relationships.

Unit 3: Creating a connection

A look at the use of emotions, values and storytelling in marketing to develop a dialogue and form a connection with customers and potential customers based on mutual value and beliefs. Explore how you can use this to drive revenue.

Unit 4: Growing a loyal customer base

Why long-term relationships will be the future of your business, and how to develop long-term engagement with your customers through meaningful experiences and interactions that deliver value.

Unit 5: The ultimate marketing machine

Discover the benefits of brand advocates to your business, and how you can nurture these relationships to help you grow your business, developing not only your customer base but your products too. 

This course is for business owners and marketing managers who want to find out more about successful customer relationships and grow their businesses. 

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Building relationships is essential for businesses these days. Relationship Marketing is about cultivating long-term customer relationships to develop loyal customers who act as brand advocates and help grow your brand.

These short workshops will take you through the different stages of customer journeys, and help you explore and understand the communication tools and techniques to help take prospects from that first glance of your brand, to a last kiss that doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste!

Teaching methods

The course is taught remotely via Zoom.  You will be given full instructions after you enrol about how to log on to the course.

The course is taught by Joolz Joseph

Joolz Joseph is a Visiting Lecturer at Hertfordshire Business School.  She is a sales and marketing practitioner, trainer and speaker, with experience across a wide range of sectors.  She works with large brands as well as smaller niche businesses.  Her focus is on ‘inspiration injections’ and how organisations can improve their fundamental relationships with their customers. 

Joolz teaches on various Marketing degree courses, plus the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) professional qualifications.