7WLM0011 Promoting Health (Lvl 7) (Online)

About the course

This course will enable students to critically evaluate global and national strategies, for promoting health through implementation of primary, secondary and tertiary interventions, and the role of public health practitioners within this.

For more course information please email online-degrees@herts.ac.uk

Who should attend this course?

  • Anyone working in health, social care or other similar public service who want to expand their understanding of the theories, methods and relevant legislation of promoting health and gain an appreciation of how these have been applied to some specific examples of disease prevention.
  • For those who are not ready to commit to the complete degree yet, and would like to try one module to see how online study will fit around their work and life commitments. 

Course content

This course captures the broader strategies which governments, health systems, practitioners and individuals can adopt to prevent ill health, promote health and wellbeing and manage ill health. Students will start with a review of the major communicable and non-communicable challenges and how these vary by geography and the importance of promoting health for sustainability of health systems as well as quality of life.

Health promotion models and how these have been informed by different theoretical perspectives and disciplines will be covered including:

  • theories of behaviour change (theory of planned behaviours, the health belief model, etc)
  • methods of behaviour change at the individual, community, societal level
  • role of law
  • underpinning ideologies (libertarian/utilitarian) of health systems
  • cultural aspects which influence national policies on promoting health
  • risk behaviours
  • evidence base for different interventions.

Teaching methods

Distance learning.



Start DateEnd DateLink
25/05/202418/09/2024Apply online (Distance (Part Time))


Start DateEnd DateLink
25/05/202518/09/2025Apply online (Distance (Part Time))

Course fees

2022/23 price for 15 credits: £800

2022/23 price for 30 credits: £1600