Chartered Educational Assessor Training

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Why choose this course?

The Chartered Educational Assessor (CEA) is the benchmark of assessment excellence awarded under the CIEA Royal Charter. It represents the highest professional standards of educational assessment. The role of the CEA is to provide confidence in the quality assurance of the assessment processes that an awarding body, school, college, university or training centre use.

Our CEA training programme offers support in designing and developing effective assessments that are reliable, valid, fit for purpose, transparent and fair. The CEA also looks to improve the way that assessments are conducted and used. This involves developing effective assignments to fulfil assessment objectives as well as arriving at consistent and accurate assessment, using appropriate standardisation and moderation procedures and clear and transparent reporting of outcomes. It also includes processes involved in validating and archiving assessment information from the outcomes of these assessments.

Course content

Preparing for assessment

  • the purpose of assessment
  • the relationship between the curriculum and assessment model
  • language issues
  • making assessment valid and reliable

Conducting assessments

  • inferences of assessment
  • forms of assessment
  • objective setting
  • ensuring consistency
  • comparability and standards
  • test theory

Feeding back after assessment

  • the purpose and means of assessment
  • understanding data
  • uses and misuses of assessment

Managing others and yourself

  • communication styles
  • ‘change management’ skills
  • understanding why the CEA must be an effective communicator

Course structure

There are four elements to the course which are as follows:

  • Complete an introduction and online session lasting approximately 3 hours. This covers some of the course content and includes details of some pre-reading we would like you to cover before the face to face session
  • Attend a two day face to face session.
  • Complete an assignment in which you will quality assure the assessment processes that take place in your school, college, department or place of work. You will act both as a facilitator of change within the institution, as well as challenging and validating the change process. You will also be expected to complete a portfolio outlining your activities. 



Start DateEnd DateDay and TimeCostLink
28/10/201928/11/2019Thu - Fri 28 - 29 Nov (Face to Face)£850Apply online


Start DateEnd DateDay and TimeCostLink
26/02/202028/03/2020Thurs - Fri 26 - 27 March (Face to Face)£850Apply online