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Healthcare Disciplines project

About the course

  • Learn: The healthcare disciplines project has been designed to enable students to undertake a research-related project of professional interest. The intention is that the project will contribute to the body of professional knowledge and/or the development of an area of practice
  • Course for: Any healthcare professionals who have had experience in Clinical Practice
  • Credit/ level: 30/7

How to apply

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Who should attend this course?

Any healthcare professionals who have had experience in Clinical Practice

Course content

Students will be given the opportunity to attend/access lectures and seminars, and will be supported by individual supervision tutorials and workshops.

The module will address:

  • Review of advanced literature searching/ utilising evidence to investigate an issue
  • Strategic project management including the context in which projects exist and the process of planning and directing activities to meet goals and objectives
  • Critical appraisal skills including critical analysis, synthesis and application
  • Frameworks for critical analysis
  • Refining academic writing skills including integrating information from a variety of sources, and selecting and shaping information into a coherent and relevant paper

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It provides postgraduate students with the opportunity to consolidate research knowledge, and to develop skills through planning and undertaking critical analysis and evaluation of an area of practice relevant to their field of work. Written assessment – a Critical analysis and evaluation of an area of practice and can be completed across one or two semesters.

Teaching methods

Where is the module taught and by whom?

College Lane Campus, Hatfield. No attendance at the University is required until the assessment day. This module will be taught by Maureen Brennan.

Computer Equipment Requirement

Delivery of the module incorporates blended learning which aims to combine e-learning activities with campus based learning. You need to have access to a suitable personal computer and a good reliable Internet connection (broadband recommended). Most modern PCs or Macs (less than 3 years old) should be suitable. If you have any queries or need any additional support with IT skills, the School employs an e-learning technologist who will be pleased to help and advise you.

Course fees

Credit level for this course: Postgraduate level 7 (30 credits)
This course is priced as a classroom based course. 

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The University is contracted by the NHS to provide post-registration education/CPD and training for its health professionals. If you are an NHS employee contact the senior manager responsible for post-registration education/CPD in your Trust to check if the course you wish to attend can be supported by the Trust's contract with our University.