Dermatology Behaviour Modification Workshop

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The workshop will give students the opportunity to learn about the theory of using behaviour modification techniques to break the itch scratch cycle in patient with inflammatory skin conditions. Students will then be giving training in how to use behaviour modification techniques in their own clinical practice. By the end of the session students should have the ability to offer a habit reversal service in their clinical setting.

Why choose this course?

This course aims to to teach students the role of habit reversal and behaviour modification in managing people with skin disease, particularly eczema

Entry requirements...

The workshop is aimed at health care professionals regularly involved in the management of people with long term skin conditions where the management of the itch scratch cycle using behaviour modification would be helpful. This is likely to include dermatology nurses, particularly those working in phototherapy, offering day treatment services or overseeing the monitoring and management of patients with long term skin conditions. The course may also be of interest to doctors (GPs or dermatologists in training) and psychologists who are working with this group of patients.