Architectural CAD Using Autodesk Revit (Online)

About the course

Our Introduction to Autodesk Revit Software - Building Information Modelling (BIM) program is a short course that teaches you how to develop 3D modeling skills and think in a three-dimensional manner, which is revolutionary and much more forward-thinking, in comparison to producing and updating industry drawings only in 2D.

What will I study?

Learner hours: 20

This course offers a valuable Introduction to Autodesk Revit software which is a powerful Building Information Modelling (BIM) program shaped to match the way architects think. Therefore, the course is suitable for any individuals interested in Architecture, Design and/or the Construction Industry and are looking to develop and bring their skills up to date with the current architectural industry standards in terms of 3D modelling (BIM). Revit software allows for the design process to be streamlined through the use of a Central 3D model (which can be shared with the whole design team), where changes are made in one view update instantly across all views as well as on the printable sheets. This revolutionary way of working has already had a huge impact on the industry, particularly increasing efficiency in terms of cost and speed of the overall workflow. This is why the demand for Revit-skilled professionals in the industry has grown rapidly in the past few years and increasingly so.

Since the process of building projects is extremely complex, the Autodesk Revit software also reflects on and deals with those complex issues. However, you do not need any previous experience with Architectural programs prior to your enrolment.

Course outline

The Introduction course will begin with explaining the purpose of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and how it is applied in the Autodesk Revit software. It will furthermore cover learning how to:

  • understand the concept of BIM workflow;
  • cover Revit terms and Revit and Construction Documents;
  • start, open and safe projects;
  • use viewing commands;
  • navigate the program's workspace and interface;
  • work with basic drawing and editing tools;
  • work with reference planes;
  • draw and edit elements;
  • create views;
  • set up view displays, duplicate views, create callout views;
  • set up and modify levels and grids as datum elements for the model;
  • add columns;
  • understand the Revit term 'family';
  • load and edit components in the project;
  • create a 3D building model with walls, windows and doors.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Autodesk Revit software are useful tools for creating professional 3D models which are essential at all stages in the building process. Understanding the software interface and terminology enhances one's ability to create powerful models, move around in the various views of the model and make updates to the model which instantly update across the whole project. Such skills are very beneficial when working with the rest of the design team as well as communicating with clients.

Where will I study?

Mode of delivery: Online

All our online courses are taught remotely using Zoom. The tutor will be delivering the class live and importantly providing feedback and answer any questions you may have during the lesson. You will need a pc or mac laptop. You will be given full instructions after you enrol on how to log on to Zoom so you can attend the course.


For this course you will need to purchase the trial version of Autodesk Revit Software and we recommend doing this no earlier than two weeks before the course starts, for your home PC or Mac.


To be able to maintain the pace of this course you should:

  • Have PC skills that are above a basic level
  • Have some experience using programs such as Word or Photoshop.
  • Be expected to navigate files and folders on a computer and understand how to use Googles Search Engine

Key Staff

Course Tutor

Darryl Rabot

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How to apply?

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07/06/202326/07/2023Wednesday19.00 - 21.30£290.00Apply online

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