An Advanced 3D Printing with SLS Online Course - Design for Value and Performance

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Course dates

Webinar one

23 June 2020 from 19:00 - 20:30

Webinar two

30 June  2020 from 19:00 - 20:30


Each webinar is £25

SLS is the most accessible, purposeful, versatile and valuable Additive Manufacturing technology available today. It is already widely used in the automotive, aerospace and medical fields to produce high quality and high value polymer production objects.

In order for designers to extract the maximum value from this technology it is important to understand two key elements which are covered in this course.

Webinar One - Designing for Value

Explaining the factors that drive the cost of 3D printing with SLS. The objective is to help designers understand the rules of production and thus providing a framework for them to design objects with a clear idea of the cost/value of the project from the outset. This is illustrated with case studies that show how this understanding successfully enabled some high value projects.

Webinar Two - Designing for Performance

This focusses on the material properties that SLS possesses and reveals how with this technology you can produce not simply shapes but shapes that perform/transform. This powerful characteristic can be used to either maximise productivity to increase value or to produce parts that possess functional behaviour. This is also illustrated by a series of inspiring case studies.

A sound understanding of the combination of value and performance with this specific technology, is a powerful starting point from which to purposefully start adopting Additive Manufacturing.

Each webinar lasts 90 minutes and includes a Q&A at the conclusion and a visual demonstration of key objects covered in Part Two.

PDF handbooks featuring everything covered within the two webinars are available at the end of the course if desired.

Webinar One is aimed at designers already familiar with the principles of general 3D printing and wishing to either progress on to the most accessible Industrial grade technology for the first time, or who already have some experience of it

Webinar Two is a progression of this but is also valuable to designers from any field who are interested in learning about the genuinely interesting and creative potential of SLS.

Course Expert

Jonathan Rowley

From 2011 to 2019, he ran Digits2Widgets (now “Additive”) a London based industrial 3D printing design bureau specialising in EOS SLS. Here he cultivated a client base of professional designers, artists, jewellers and craftspeople, helping them to understand the technology and applying it to their established high quality and purposeful applications.

He provides specialist design consultancy focussing specifically on designing for value and material performance with SLS.

He has also been involved in significant outreach to design education, Government and Design Institutions, always attempting to demystify the sometimes overwhelming claims made for the technology and encouraging a working understanding of its breathtaking potential.



Start DateEnd DateDay and TimeCostLink
23/06/202023/06/2020Tuesday 19:00 - 20:30£25Apply online
30/06/202030/06/2020Tuesday 19:00 - 20:30£25Apply online