7HSK0211 Independent Professional Study 2 (Lvl 7)

About the course

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The aims of these courses are to enable you to undertake an area of study of your own choice, which will inform and be of benefit to developing your professional practice.

These courses enable you to study areas of personal interest within a professional context. You will develop an individually tailored outcomes-based programme of study with guidance from an academic tutor/supervisor. The topic chosen will be relevant to your professional practice. The choice of topic and learning outcomes will be the subject of negotiation between you and your supervisor.

Why choose this course?

These courses are designed for therapeutic or diagnostic radiographers, dietitians, paramedics and physiotherapists who want to gain an in-depth understanding of a particular subject area in which they have a specific interest and that is not provided through taught modules. There are no specific days when you are required to attend the University. Communication is with your supervisor and arranged to suit your needs.



Start DateEnd DateLink
26/09/202031/05/2021Apply online (Part Time)
26/09/202031/01/2021Apply online (Part Time)
16/01/202131/08/2021Apply online (Part Time)
16/01/202131/05/2021Apply online (Part Time)
01/06/202130/09/2021Apply online (Part Time)
01/06/202131/01/2022Apply online (Part Time)


Start DateEnd DateLink
26/09/202131/05/2022Apply online (Part Time)
26/09/202131/01/2022Apply online (Part Time)
16/01/202231/08/2022Apply online (Part Time)
16/01/202231/05/2022Apply online (Part Time)
01/06/202231/01/2023Apply online (Part Time)
01/06/202230/09/2022Apply online (Part Time)

Course fees

The fee for new self-funding students is £700 for 15 credits and £1400 for 30 credits. Please note that the fee may vary depending on your source of funding and whether you are a returning student. To find out information about the fees visit go.herts.ac.uk/cpdfees

These modules can be studied together with the following courses:

  • Independent reflection in professional practice 1 or 2
  • Independent work based skills 1, 2 and 3

Teaching methods

The nature of the assessment and the number of elements are dependent upon the topic under study and the learning outcomes identified for the proposed study. You will be expected to negotiate the assessment of the course in conjunction with your supervisor.

These independent study courses are facilitated by academic tutors with experience in this area. You will be supported throughout the period of study.