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This course is aimed at all who want to identify groups of cases or variables in their data. The course will focus on the practical application of the technique rather than its mathematical complexities.

The topics covered in this course are hierarchical and non-hierarchical cluster analysis. These topics will be demonstrated using SPSS and a custom-built add-in for Microsoft Excel.

This pick & mix topic is also available as part of our “Essential Topics in Multivariate Data Analysis” course, alongside other pick & mix topics. Please note that by doing the combined course, you would be obtaining a discount on the fees for undertaking the individual pick & mix elements.

See our full range of courses (including our entire “Pick & Mix” selection) at http://go.herts.ac.uk/sscu or contact the course organiser, Dr Neil Spencer, on 01707 285529, statistics@herts.ac.uk.

Why choose this course?

This course is about exploring a dataset to identify groups of cases or variables.

Entry requirements...

Prior knowledge of fundamental aspects of Statistics such as mean and standard deviation is essential.

Course fees

Dates for 2019/20 to be announced.