About the course

Here at Hertfordshire Business School, we’ve designed a part-time MSc in Business and Organisational Strategy to help busy professionals develop their senior management skills.

If you’d like to build on your business or management experience, deepen your knowledge and open up new career possibilities, this degree is an exciting opportunity to fit postgraduate study around your existing work schedule.

When you graduate, you’ll not only achieve an MSc in Business and Organisational Strategy, but also a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7 extended diploma in Management and Leadership. This highly respected diploma also gives you exemptions from some of the CMI’s additional qualifications, so if you’re aiming for Chartered Manager status, you’ll achieve it sooner.

The course develops your management skills in a whole range of areas, including:

  • personal development planning
  • strategic business planning
  • managing business strategy
  • resource management
  • project and risk management
  • financial management
  • strategic corporate social responsibility management
  • information management
  • managing organisational change
  • research skills for business and management

At the same time, our Master’s equips you to undertake in-depth research and communicate complex business ideas – excellent skills for advancing your career and your business.

At Hertfordshire Business School, we welcome postgraduate students with a first degree in any subject at 2:2 level or above, working in a management role. However, if you don’t have a degree but can provide evidence of at least three years’ relevant, substantive management experience, we’ll also consider your application.

This is a two-year, modular Master’s with block teaching (Thursday/Friday) with one follow up teaching day per module.  We attract a highly motivated community of postgraduate students with diverse business experience. Joining them on our Hertfordshire campus, you’ll learn in an interactive, workshop-based environment, working on strategic challenges with small groups of fellow students.

After each study block, you’ll carry on independent study with the support of our academic team. Studying alongside your working life is a challenging but incredibly rewarding experience, giving you valuable opportunities to directly and immediately apply what you learn.

Partnerships and opportunities

This programme has been created in collaboration with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) to give you a highly respected dual qualification when you graduate. The Institute’s direct input into the course means it’s embedded with the very latest organisational best practice, as well as strategic thinking from a broad range of business sectors.

In your final year, you’ll have the opportunity to take on a work-based project. This allows you to explore a current, relevant business issue or opportunity in real depth. We’ll assign you an individual personal tutor to support you through the project, helping you make the most of this opportunity to develop your business, implement an effective strategy and drive positive change.

Fact sheets 2019 Course fact sheet 1 MSc Business and Organisational Strategy
Programme specifications 2019 Programme specification 1 MSc Business and Organisational Strategy

Why choose this course?

  • This sought-after dual award course gives you a Master’s degree, plus a respected Chartered Management Institute Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.
  • It’s been specifically designed to fit flexibly around your working life, with block study and additional academic support.
  • The course is an ideal opportunity for existing managers planning to progress their careers by moving into senior leadership roles.
  • Working alongside your studies, you’ll be able to directly and immediately apply what you learn.
  • We’ve created a highly engaged workshop-based learning environment, where you’ll collaborate with fellow students and receive ongoing online support.

Key staff

Rachelle Andrews
Programme Leader

Professional Accreditations

This University of Hertfordshire dual-award postgraduate course has been created with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), giving you a Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership as well as a Master’s qualification.

Your Diploma also gives you eligibility for Chartered Manager recognition, enabling you to be quicker in achieving this status. 

Course details


This postgraduate course is all about developing your career and realising your potential. If you’re working for a large organisation, the skills you’ll learn will help pave the way for a move into senior management or leadership roles. If you’re the owner or manager of a small or medium sized organisation, you’ll build the planning and implementation skills you need to see it thrive and grow.

Our students find that the skills they develop on this course increase their confidence, giving them opportunities to take on increased management responsibility, engage in organisational planning and decision-making, create strategic change and explore promotion opportunities. 

Teaching methods

The programme teaching follows a modular structure based on block teaching (Thursday/Friday) per module. Each teaching block is followed by one additional teaching day per module, independent guided study and tutor support to prepare for the assessments. The benefit of this mode of part-time study is that you are not committed to weekly attendance at class and you can plan your study and assignment preparation to fit in with your work commitments. This creates a highly engaged workshop-based learning environment, working with fellow students, in small groups. Each teaching block is followed by independent guided study and tutor support to prepare for the assessments.

In year one you will study academic modules that have CMI elements included in the teaching and assessment process. There are 4 x 15 credit modules, each taught over an 8 week period, and you will be introduced to a new module in each of the first four teaching blocks. There are also two standalone CMI units to bring practical skills in organisational change and corporate social responsibility.

The final teaching block of the year brings your learning together for the year with a focus on developing reflective practice.

In year one the programme brings together learning about opportunities for:

  • Personal guidance for your development as a senior leader
  • Developing a deeper understanding of global issues in business and management
  • Development of the skills required for managing strategy
  • A focus on strategic resource management

In year two you will study two 15 credit modules and two further practical standalone CMI units that cover a broad range of topics including:

  • Project and risk management
  • Information management
  • Strategic leadership
  • Financial management

The year completes with a focus on an Integrated Work Based Project and you will be assigned an individual personal tutor to support you through the process. This project allows you to explore an in-depth current and relevant business issue or opportunity. 

Part-time study

This is a part-time programme providing a flexible approach to learning allowing you to bring together study with work commitments. The 2 day blocks of workshop sessions at Hertfordshire Business School are interactive with tutors bringing their extensive business experience into the face to face teaching environment. Each module has a dedicated module leader. Following the teaching sessions you will work independently on your assignments, with ongoing online tutor support.

Levels of study

Following the completion of the Integrated Work Based Project you will achieve Master's programme alongside the CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. There are two other possible awards:

Year one: the Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert) and CMI Level 7 Certificate

Year two: the Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) and CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma

Work Placement

As this postgraduate course is aimed at existing managers and designed to run alongside your day-to-day working life, it doesn’t include a dedicated work placement. However, there are significant advantages to working while you study, enabling you to bring new knowledge straight into the workplace, apply skills straight away and see the benefits of your studies sooner.


  • Level 7
    Module Credits Compulsory/optional
    Resource Planning in Organisations 15 Credits Compulsory
    Integrated Work-Based Project 45 Credits Compulsory
    Developing as a Senior Leader 1 15 Credits Compulsory
    Global Issues in Business and Management 15 Credits Compulsory
    Leading Strategy in Organisations 15 Credits Compulsory
    Developing as a Senior Leader 2 15 Credits Compulsory
    Project and Risk Management 15 Credits Compulsory
    Research Skills for Business and Management 15 Credits Compulsory
    Responsible Change Management 15 Credits Compulsory
    Performance Management and Systems 15 Credits Compulsory
  • Fees & funding

    Fees 2019

    UK/EU Students

    Part time
    • £700 per 15 credits for the 2019/2020 academic year

    *Tuition fees are charged annually. The fees quoted above are for the specified year(s) only. Fees may be higher in future years, for both new and continuing students. Please see the University’s Fees and Finance Policy (and in particular the section headed “When tuition fees change”), for further information about when and by how much the University may increase its fees for future years.

    View detailed information about tuition fees

    Read more about additional fees in the course fact sheet

    Other financial support

    Find out more about other financial support available to UK and EU students

    Living costs / accommodation

    The University of Hertfordshire offers a great choice of student accommodation, on campus or nearby in the local area, to suit every student budget.

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    Entry requirements

    At Hertfordshire Business School, we welcome postgraduate students with a first degree in any subject at 2:2 level or above. However, if you do not have a degree but can provide evidence of at least three years' relevant, substantive work experience, we'll also consider your application.

    How to apply

    Course length
    • Part Time, 3 Years
    • University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield


    Start DateEnd DateLink
    26/09/201931/07/2020Apply online (Part Time)
    01/12/201931/07/2020Apply online (Part Time)
    16/01/202031/01/2021Apply online (Part Time)
    01/05/202031/08/2020Apply online (Part Time)


    Start DateEnd DateLink
    17/09/202030/09/2021Apply online (Part Time)
    26/09/202031/07/2021Apply online (Part Time)
    01/12/202031/07/2021Apply online (Part Time)
    16/01/202131/01/2022Apply online (Part Time)
    01/05/202131/08/2021Apply online (Part Time)


    Start DateEnd DateLink
    17/09/202130/09/2022Apply online (Part Time)
    26/09/202131/07/2022Apply online (Part Time)
    01/12/202131/07/2022Apply online (Part Time)
    16/01/202231/01/2023Apply online (Part Time)
    01/05/202231/08/2022Apply online (Part Time)