About the course

This course is available to UK/EU students only.

This two-year programme is designed to give you the skills, knowledge and expertise necessary to enter a career Law. Additionally, it will develop your understanding of the role of business in society and develop knowledge of the main functional areas; accounting, marketing and human resources.

You will acquire knowledge of UK and European laws. You will examine and demonstrate principles of contract and commercial law, and apply them to business scenarios. You will identify interpret and explain standard clauses in business contracts.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of business studies or marketing before choosing this subject. You will gain a broad introduction to the subject in your first year and study more specialist subjects in the second year. You will also be able to work on a work based learning project, giving you hands-on experience.

Take a look at the course booklet to find out more.

Progression routes

All progression routes outlined below are currently valid; however available progression will be updated on an annual basis in accordance with changes in UH provision.

Entry is to Level 5 or Level 6 depending on individual performance and programme specification guidelines. Additional routes may be available to students at the time of FdA completion.

  • Business Management - BA (Hons) Business Administration
  • Business Management with Accounting - BA (Hons) Business and Accounting, BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance, BA (Hons) Accounting, BA (Hons) Business Administration
  • Business Management with HRM - BA (Hons) Business and Human Resources, BA (Hons) Human Resource Management, BA (Hons) Business Administration
  • Business Management with Law - BA (Hons) Business Administration
  • Business Management with Marketing - BA (Hons) Business and Marketing, BA (Hons) Marketing, BA (Hons) Business Administration
  • Business Management with Event Management - BA (Hons) Business and Event Management, BA (Hons) Event Management, BA (Hons) Business Administration
  • Business Management with Tourism - BA (Hons) Business and Tourism, BA (Hons) Tourism, BA (Hons) Business Administration
Fact sheets 2018 Course fact sheet 1 FdA Business Management with Law
Programme specifications 2018 Programme specification 1 FdA Business Management

Why choose this course?

This programme will provide you with:

  • An excellent grounding in business and management relevant to the needs of a wide range of organisations.
  • An opportunity to develop knowledge in a vocational and work based context.
  • An opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification in two years of full-time study.
  • A progression route to appropriate degree programmes at the University of Hertfordshire.

It has been designed in consultation with employers, and is for those who already have some relevant experience on which to build on or those who are interested in developing their business management knowledge and skills.

This Foundation Degree is available full-time at Oaklands College (Welwyn Garden City), North Hertfordshire College (Stevenage, and West Herts College (Watford). And part-time at North Hertfordshire College (Stevenage) and West Herts College (Watford). 

Professional Accreditations

Not applicable

Course details


Foundation Degree graduates progress to a wide variety of careers in areas such as Business Management, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Law, Tourism and Event Management.

Alternatively you may progress to BA (Hons) in Business Administration or an alternative specialist Honour Programme at the University of Hertfordshire.

As part of the Foundation Degree, you will have access to the Careers, Employment and Enterprise Department at the University of Hertfordshire. The University offers dedicated individualised support to help students identify possible careers and employers as well as support for start-up businesses.

Teaching methods

On this programme you will be taught through a combination of lectures, small group tutorials, course work and practical assignments. Throughout you are encouraged to undertake independent study to consolidate your learning and to broaden your knowledge and understanding of the subject.

In addition, you will be exposed to the application of Business and Management skills and knowledge in the workplace through work based learning. You will study work based learning modules in year one culminating in a work based learning project negotiated and agreed with an employer in year two. You will have the opportunity to attend lectures by guest speakers from industry, relevant to your vocational habitus.

Work Placement

If you decide to progress to the BA (Hons) top up Degree, you may, subject to guidance and approval, also consider applying for a Work Placement, or Study Abroad opportunity in North America, Europe, Australia, Mexico or Singapore. This study opportunity should be taken before progressing onto your final year of study at the University of Hertfordshire.


Level 4

Core Modules


Level 5

Core Modules


Fees & funding

Fees 2019

UK/EU Students

Full time
  • £6165 for the 2019/2020 academic year
Part time
  • £770 per 15 credits for the 2019/2020 academic year

*Tuition fees are charged annually. The fees quoted above are for the specified year(s) only. Fees may be higher in future years, for both new and continuing students. Please see the University’s Fees and Finance Policy (and in particular the section headed “When tuition fees change”), for further information about when and by how much the University may increase its fees for future years.

View detailed information about tuition fees

Read more about additional fees in the course fact sheet

Other financial support

Find out more about other financial support available to UK and EU students

Living costs / accommodation

The University of Hertfordshire offers a great choice of student accommodation, on campus or nearby in the local area, to suit every student budget.

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Entry requirements

48 or more UCAS points which must be made up of at least one A level (A2), a BTEC QCF Subsidiary Diploma or equivalent. IB - 48 points with a minimum of 1 HL subject at grade 4 or above (with the remaining points to come from a combination of HL, SL and Core). GCSE English Language at Grade C and Maths at Grade D (Grade 4 for both if completed from 2017 onwards). For Business Management and Accounting only, GCSE Maths and English Language at Grade C (Grade 4 if completed from 2017 onwards). 

Applications will be welcome from those working in relevant employment who may not fully meet the above entry requirements but have a number of years relevant experience.

The programme is subject to the University's Principles, Policies, Regulations and Procedures for the Admission of Students to Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Programmes and will take account of University policy and guidelines for assessing accredited prior certificated learning (APCL) and accredited prior experiential learning (APEL).

How to apply

Course length
  • Full Time, 2 Years
  • Part Time, 2 Years


Start DateEnd Date Year Location Link
09/09/201931/05/20201North Herts CollegeApply online (Full Time)
09/09/201931/05/20201West Herts CollegeApply online (Full Time)
09/09/201931/05/20201Oaklands CollegeApply online (Full Time)
09/09/201931/05/20202Oaklands CollegeApply online (Full Time)
09/09/201931/05/20202West Herts CollegeApply online (Full Time)
09/09/201931/05/20202North Herts CollegeApply online (Full Time)
09/09/201930/09/20201North Herts CollegeApply online (Part Time)
09/09/201930/09/20201West Herts CollegeApply online (Part Time)
09/09/201930/09/20202North Herts CollegeApply online (Part Time)


Start DateEnd Date Year Location Link
12/09/202031/05/20211West Herts CollegeApply online (Full Time)
12/09/202031/05/20211North Herts CollegeApply online (Full Time)
12/09/202031/05/20211Oaklands CollegeApply online (Full Time)
11/09/202031/05/20212North Herts CollegeApply online (Full Time)
11/09/202031/05/20212West Herts CollegeApply online (Full Time)
11/09/202031/05/20212Oaklands CollegeApply online (Full Time)
12/09/202030/09/20211West Herts CollegeApply online (Part Time)
12/09/202030/09/20211North Herts CollegeApply online (Part Time)
11/09/202030/09/20212North Herts CollegeApply online (Part Time)


Start DateEnd Date Year Location Link
12/09/202131/05/20221North Herts CollegeApply online (Full Time)
12/09/202131/05/20221West Herts CollegeApply online (Full Time)
12/09/202131/05/20221Oaklands CollegeApply online (Full Time)
11/09/202131/05/20222West Herts CollegeApply online (Full Time)
11/09/202131/05/20222Oaklands CollegeApply online (Full Time)
11/09/202131/05/20222North Herts CollegeApply online (Full Time)
12/09/202130/09/20221North Herts CollegeApply online (Part Time)
12/09/202130/09/20221West Herts CollegeApply online (Part Time)
11/09/202130/09/20222North Herts CollegeApply online (Part Time)