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This course is for managers at all levels who want to learn or refresh their skills in the core areas required of them to be effective.

Why choose this course?

This one-day course will discuss the following key elements of effective management, providing delegates with an opportunity to reflect on real work-based issues, apply skills learned and consider their own development needs.

  • Manager or Leader 
    You will consider what they are, how they differ and when is it appropriate to manage or lead.
  • Influencing  
    How to manage key work relationships using coaching and contracting skills to get things done even where you have no direct authority.
  • Team-working 
     How to understand teams and to manage them towards successful goals by learning about what makes a team work  successfully, and how to do it.
  • Managing Change
    Understanding and applying change management techniques to bring about new ways of working.
  • Delegation
    How to delegate effectively to release your and your people's full potential.  Using a proven framework to support you in making decisions as to what to delegate and to whom, while retaining an appropriate level of oversight and providing freedom of action to your people.

The synthesis of all of the above skills will help you ensure high performance in your work, and provide frameworks for you to consider you and your teams' effectiveness and future development needs.  Each of the skills discussed work together to support you in being a successful manager, able to select and deploy the right skill for the issues you face on a day to day basis.

Course fees

Workshop fee:  £50 or free of charge to members of our Business Academy

For further information please contact us:

Tel: 01707 285584

Email: cpd-bs@herts.ac.uk