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Indicative course structure 

This innovative, multinational course gives you two degrees. It produces graduates with a strong intercultural understanding as well as the business knowledge for an international management career. Our Business School is a member of the Transatlantic Business School Alliance, a programme that develops the business leaders of tomorrow. As a result, this course allows you to study for two years with us and two years at an Alliance university in France, Germany, Spain or the USA. You’ll also take a work placement abroad and have the opportunity to study another language, further boosting your prospects in international business.

Why choose this course?

  • Study at the UK’s leading business-facing university and one of our partner universities in Europe or the USA.
  • Graduate with not one but two highly sought-after management degrees.
  • Build an in-depth knowledge of management in both a UK and international context.
  • Go on a semester-long international work placement.
  • Develop language skills, cultural awareness and powerful international experience.

What job can I get?

Graduates with an internationally focused degree and linguistic abilities are in demand overseas and in UK- based multinationals. The international experience you gain on this course will give you a competitive edge in the global job market. Our graduates have secured positions in companies such as Bank Nationale de Paris, BZW Services, Citibank, Coopers and Lybrand, Deutsche Bank, Disneyland Paris, KPMG, PwC, Reuters and Rolls-Royce.

Key staff

Ms Elizabeth Vis
Deputy Programme Leader

Ms Herminia Alonso-Bote
Programme Leader

Professional Accreditations

Hertfordshire Business School is a member of the Transatlantic Business School Alliance (TABSA).

Course details


If you’re an ambitious student hoping for a successful international business career, Hertfordshire’s BA International Management is a really exciting opportunity. You’ll be able to travel, work and study abroad, immersing yourself in the culture and language of a whole new country.

It opens up a future full of international career possibilities, where you’ll have opportunities to travel, use your language skills and become part of a truly global business community.

With such a distinctive degree under their belts, our international management graduates usually go straight into employment or begin Master’s courses in the UK or Europe. They’ve enjoyed successful international careers as human resources administrators, sales managers, international account executives and recruitment marketing managers.

Teaching methods

You will be studying four 15 credit modules in each semester (this may vary between double modules) and your contact time varies between modules, but usually you will have two sessions per week for each module, a one-hour lecture following by a one-hour seminar/tutorial. Typically, a new topic or theory will be introduced in each lecture and will be followed up with class discussion and feedback in the subsequent seminar. In addition, as part of your study time, you will be collaborating with your peers on tasks and group assignments. Module leaders also offer weekly drop in and feedback sessions, usually 2 x 1 hours per module as well as revision sessions.

The University’s ‘online learning environment’ means you can access all your course resources, literature and timetables from anywhere in the world.

Usually, assessment is split between coursework and examinations. The style of coursework can vary from presentations to business reports, essays depending on the taught topics. 

Work Placement

Today’s employers are looking for graduates with real-world experience as well as a great degree, so at Hertfordshire Business School we’ve made it a key part of our BA International Management.

As part of your study abroad experience, in France, Germany, Spain or the USA, you’ll spend six months on a practical work placement. It’s a great opportunity to apply what you’ve learnt, discover more about working in a new country and add an impressive new dimension to your CV.

Study Abroad

Every aspect of this Hertfordshire degree is internationally focused, from the context in which you study management to the language options available throughout the course. You’ll spend two years in France, Germany, Spain or the USA, immersed in a new culture as you study abroad at one of our highly respected partner universities.

You’ll also have the opportunity to work abroad for six months, getting hands-on experience of how businesses operate – and managers lead – in a whole different country. Together, these skills and experiences, not to mention your dual-award degree, will make you a stand-out candidate in the competitive global jobs market.


Level 5

Core Modules

  • Digital Marketing in Practice - 15 Credits
  • Managing People - 15 Credits
  • Management Accounting for Business Decisions - 15 Credits
  • Financial Management - 15 Credits
  • Cross-cultural Management - 15 Credits
  • Economics of European Integration - 15 Credits
  • European Consumer Markets: Issues and Trends - 15 Credits
  • Enhancing Employability - 15 Credits
  • Managing People B - 15 Credits
  • Geopolitics - 15 Credits


  • Principles of Operations Management - 15 Credits
  • Exploring Business Ethics - 15 Credits
  • French Beginners A2A - 15 Credits
  • French Beginners A2B - 15 Credits
  • Spanish Beginners A2B - 15 Credits
  • French Intermediate B2A - 15 Credits
  • French Intermediate B2B - 15 Credits
  • Spanish Intermediate B2A - 15 Credits
  • Spanish Intermediate B2B - 15 Credits
  • German Beginners A2B - 15 Credits
  • German Beginners A2A - 15 Credits
  • German Intermediate B2A - 15 Credits
  • German Intermediate B2B - 15 Credits
  • German Advanced C2A - 15 Credits
  • German Advanced C2B - 15 Credits
  • Italian Beginners A2B - 15 Credits
  • Chinese Beginners A2A - 15 Credits
  • Chinese Beginners A2B - 15 Credits
  • French Advanced C2A - 15 Credits
  • French Advanced C2B - 15 Credits
  • Spanish Advanced C2B - 15 Credits
  • Spanish Beginners A2A - 15 Credits
  • Italian Beginners A2A - 15 Credits
  • Spanish Advanced C2A - 15 Credits
  • Italian Intermediate B2A - 15 Credits
  • Italian Intermediate B2B - 15 Credits
  • Japanese Beginners A2B - 15 Credits
  • Japanese Beginners A2A - 15 Credits
  • French Route A - 5a - 15 Credits
  • French Route B - 5a - 15 Credits
  • German Route A - 5a - 15 Credits
  • German Route B - 5a - 15 Credits
  • German Route C - 5a - 15 Credits
  • French Route C - 5a - 15 Credits

Level 6

Core Modules

  • Industrial Placement Sem B only - 0 Credits
  • Research Methods - 0 Credits
  • Leadership and Organisations - 15 Credits
  • International Human Resource Management - 15 Credits
  • International Financial Management - 15 Credits
  • Taxation for Non-Specialists - 15 Credits
  • Contemporary Issues in International Management - 15 Credits
  • International Strategic Management - 15 Credits
  • Placement Portfolio (TABSA) Semester B - 0 Credits


  • Dissertation - Economics - 30 Credits
  • Dissertation - Accounting - 30 Credits
  • Dissertation - Finance - 30 Credits
  • Dissertation - Human Resources - 30 Credits
  • Dissertation - Management - 30 Credits
  • Dissertation - Marketing - 30 Credits

Fees & funding

Fees 2019

UK/EU Students

Full time
  • £9250 for the 2019/2020 academic year

International Students

Full time
  • £12350 for the 2019/2020 academic year

Discounts are available for International students if payment is made in full at registration

*Tuition fees are charged annually. The fees quoted above are for the specified year(s) only. Fees may be higher in future years, for both new and continuing students. Please see the University’s Fees and Finance Policy (and in particular the section headed “When tuition fees change”), for further information about when and by how much the University may increase its fees for future years.

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Other financial support

Find out more about other financial support available to UK and EU students

Living costs / accommodation

The University of Hertfordshire offers a great choice of student accommodation, on campus or nearby in the local area, to suit every student budget.

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Entry requirements...

72 - 168 UCAS points. 

Standard IB offer ie 72 points from a minimum of 2 HL subjects at H4 or above.

GCSE Maths and English Language at grade 4 (C) or above.

‘All students from non-majority English speaking countries require proof of English language proficiency, equivalent to an overall IELTS score of 6 with a minimum of 5.5 in each band.

If you do not have the required IELTS or equivalent for direct entry on to your degree programme, our Pre-sessional English and International Foundation courses can help you to achieve this level.

GCSE French, German or Spanish (dependent upon route intended) at Grade B or above, or equivalent qualifications.

For more details on the University of Hertfordshire's entry requirements, please visit our Undergraduate Entry Requirements page.

 Find out more about International Entry Requirements.

The University of Hertfordshire is committed to welcoming students with a wide range of qualifications and levels of experience. The entry requirements listed on the course pages provide a guide to the minimum level of qualifications needed to study each course. However, we have a flexible approach to admissions and each application will be considered on an individual basis.

How to apply


Start DateEnd DateLink
28/09/201920/05/2020Apply online (Full Time/Sandwich)
28/09/201920/05/2020Apply online (Full Time/Sandwich)
28/09/201920/05/2020Apply online (Full Time/Sandwich)


Start DateEnd DateLink
28/09/202020/05/2021Apply online (Full Time/Sandwich)
28/09/202020/05/2021Apply online (Full Time/Sandwich)
28/09/202020/05/2021Apply online (Full Time/Sandwich)