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This course is available to UK/EU students only.

This course, will give you the advanced specialist knowledge and skills you need for a successful career within the animal industry.

Our strong links with potential employers who provide a large proportion of work-based learning will give you a distinct advantage when it comes to finding work once you leave us. If you're already working in the industry, this Foundation degree will give you a qualification that opens up opportunities for promotion or alternative roles.

Oaklands College is home to a diverse range of animal species, industry-standard facilities and examples of management of natural and commercial animal habitats, which will be a significant advantage in your studies.

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Why choose this course?

This programme will give you the advanced specialist knowledge and skills you need for entry and progression within the animal industry.

Course details


You could progress to a related BSc degree or start a career with animal charity organisations, service providers like animal boarding establishments, local authorities or government agencies and animal collections. If you're already working in the industry, you'll be well prepared for more senior/alternative roles.

Teaching methods

Oaklands College has a diverse range of animal species, industry standard facilities and examples of management of natural and commercial animal habitats, which will be a significant advantage in your studies, which will include:

Year 1

  • Personal Development Planning 4FHH1193 30 English 0 70 30 AB
  • Small & Exotic Animal Husbandry 4FHH1194 15 English 0 50 50 A
  • Anatomy & Physiology 4FHH1199 15 English 0 100 0 A
  • Animal Nutrition 4FHH1201 15 English 0 60 40 A
  • Animal Health 4FHH1200 15 English 0 33 67 B
  • Livestock Husbandry & Welfare 4FHH1195 15 English 0 70 30 B
  • Animal Physiology

Year 2

  • Law in Land Based Industry 
  • Enterprise & Business Ethics
  • Investigative Methods 
  • Introduction to Animal Behaviour Science 
  • Animal Reproduction & Technology 
  • Animal Conservation
  • Work Related Project 


Level 4

Core Modules

  • Personal Development Planning - 30 Credits
  • Small & Exotic Animal Husbandry - 15 Credits
  • Livestock Husbandry & Welfare - 15 Credits
  • Animal Physiology - 15 Credits
  • Anatomy & Physiology - 15 Credits
  • Animal Health - 15 Credits
  • Animal Nutrition - 15 Credits


Level 5

Core Modules

  • Law in Land Based Industry - 15 Credits
  • Introduction to Animal Behaviour Science - 15 Credits
  • Animal Reproduction & Technology - 15 Credits
  • Animal Conservation - 15 Credits
  • Enterprise and Business Ethics - 15 Credits
  • Work Related Project - 30 Credits
  • Investigative Methods - 15 Credits


Fees & funding

Fees 2019

UK/EU Students

Full time
  • £6165 for the 2019/2020 academic year

*Tuition fees are charged annually. The fees quoted above are for the specified year(s) only. Fees may be higher in future years, for both new and continuing students. Please see the University’s Fees and Finance Policy (and in particular the section headed “When tuition fees change”), for further information about when and by how much the University may increase its fees for future years.

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Other financial support

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Living costs / accommodation

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Entry requirements...

48 UCAS points 

IB - 48 points with a minimum of 1 HL subject at grade 4 or above (with the remaining points to come from a combination of HL, SL and Core).

GCSE Maths at grade 3 or above and GCSE English Language and GCSE Science at grade 4 or above.

Mature students with GCSE grade C or above for English Language and grade D or above for Maths, or equivalent, but lacking traditional level 3 qualifications will be considered on the basis of relevant experience and an appropriate portfolio of work.

Non-standard entry

Applicants not within the categories described above, but who can demonstrate by other means, as 
specified below, that they can succeed on the programme will be considered on an individual basis.

i) 2 years relevant experience and a level 3 qualification OR
ii) at least 5 years relevant experience

Applicants will be interviewed in order to establish their suitability based upon the following criteria.
The applicant will be rated on a 5 point scale for their ability to demonstrate:
1. A fundamental knowledge of applied animal management or equitation and applied equine 
2. Industry based practical skills in the care of relevant animal species.

Applications will be welcome from those working in relevant employment who may not fully meet the above  entry requirements but have a number of years relevant experience.

How to apply


Start DateEnd Date Year Location Link
09/09/201923/05/20201Oaklands CollegeApply online (Full Time)
09/09/201927/05/20202Oaklands CollegeApply online (Full Time)


Start DateEnd Date Year Location Link
15/09/202023/05/20211Oaklands CollegeApply online (Full Time)
15/09/202027/05/20212Oaklands CollegeApply online (Full Time)