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What to do on the day

1. Check UCAS Track

The UCAS Track website is your first port of call. Log in and check your application status.

The UCAS website should tell you whether your university place has been confirmed at either your firm or insurance choice university, so take a look.

Do you have a place?

Yes - If you’re set on changing your course or university, you will need to be ‘released into Clearing’. To do this you’ll need to contact the university that you are holding an offer with. But in the meantime, you can contact other universities to get a Clearing offer.

No - You’re in Clearing but you’re ready for this! Go and collect your exam results so you can see what you've got to work with and then you can get started with the Clearing process.

Not sure - If UCAS Track hasn't updated, it might be that your university isn't able to confirm your place yet. They might still be waiting for some of your results, especially if you are re-taking any GCSEs.

2. Start calling

Remember that list we made? Now is the time when it comes in handy. All your details and your shortlist of universities are in one place, so pick up the phone and get dialling.

Stay calm and keep trying

Lines are usually very busy on results day, so just keep trying. Some universities may offer another way to make an application, either using an online form or even through social media, so have a look online if you’re not having any luck on the phone.

What to say

When you call, remember to stay positive and enthusiastic about the course you are interested in and have your details ready. Don’t be nervous, it’s likely that you’ll start the call with a Clearing Advisor who takes some initial details from you to see if you’re suitable for a course, and if so, will pass you to an Admissions Tutor to process your application.

When will I know if I get a place?

Many universities will be able to give you a decision over the phone, others may need to get back to you, depending on how busy the phone lines are. But either way, once you are made a Clearing offer, you should receive an email to confirm the details and what to do next.

You can collect as many Clearing offers as you like, you don’t have to pick the first one. Take your time calling around and when you’re ready, choose one to accept. Just be aware of how long your offers are valid for, some universities will have an expiry time on their Clearing offers.

3. Accept a course offer

When you’re ready to accept one of your Clearing offers, you need to refer yourself on UCAS. You can do this from 3pm on results day.

Here’s what to do:

  • Log on to UCAS Track
  • Click on the 'Add Clearing Choice' button
  • Enter the institution and course details.

To accept a Clearing offer at Hertfordshire you must add the clearing choice within 2 working days of the offer being issued.

Make sure you only enter a Clearing choice if the university or college has provisionally offered you a place on the course and you want to accept it. If you enter a Clearing choice without discussing it with the university or college, this may delay the progress of your application.


For the next step, it’s over to the university. They need to match up your Clearing choice and their Clearing offer, as well as confirm your qualifications on UCAS.

If the university or college accepts you, the acceptance will be displayed in the 'choices' section of UCAS Track. UCAS will also send you a confirmation letter and will explain whether there is anything else you need to do. The university will also be in touch to get you ready for the start of term!