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Changed your mind? Our gold-rated teaching, exciting campus life and first-class support will give you the university experience that you want and the career platform that you need.

  • Undergraduate degrees
  • Foundation and extended degrees
  • Degree apprenticeships

The Clearing hotline is 0300 303 6300 and is open now.

From results day

Check UCAS Track

The UCAS Track website is your first port of call.

Log in and check your application status, which will tell you whether your university place has been confirmed at your firm or insurance choice, even before you’ve collected your exam results.

If it hasn’t updated, it might be that your university isn’t able to confirm your place yet, and may still be waiting for some of your results, especially if you are re-taking any GCSEs.

Go and collect your exam results so you can see what you’ve got to work with and then you can get started with the Clearing process.

When you pick up the phone, have  your list of courses to hand, your A-level or BTEC results, and your GCSE grades for English, Maths and Science.

You’ll start the call with a Clearing advisor who will take some initial details from you to see if you’re suitable for a course and then pass you to an Admissions tutor to process your application.

Accept your course offer

Refer yourself on UCAS from 15:00 on results day.

  • Log on to UCAS Track
  • Click on the 'Add Clearing Choice' button
  • Enter the institution and course details
  • Accept your offer within two working days

We will match up your Clearing choice and our Clearing offer, confirm your qualifications on UCAS and you'll see the acceptance displayed in the 'choices' section of UCAS Track. UCAS will also send you a confirmation letter and will explain whether there is anything else you need to do. You'll hear from us before the start of term!

The sense of community and friends you make at Herts is definitely my favourite thing. I also spent a year on study abroad in Hawaii! It was the most amazing experience.

Abigail Wilson

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