Your step-by-step guide to Clearing

1. Check UCAS Track

Clearing telephone operatorThe UCAS Track website is your first port of call.

Log in and check your application status.

Even before you pick up your exam results, the UCAS website will tell you whether your university place has been confirmed or not.

When you log in to UCAS Track you will be able to see if your place has been confirmed at either your firm or insurance choice university.

Do you have a place?


Congratulations, all you have to do now is pick up your results (you will still need to get these from your school or college) and celebrate!


Don't panic! If your place is not displayed as confirmed on the UCAS Track site, pick up your results from your school or college as soon as possible so that you can get started with the Clearing process.

Not sure

Start calling universities to see what they have to offer if UCAS Track does not indicate that you have a confirmed place on results day.

2. Start calling

Who to call

All universities will have a special telephone number to call during Clearing.

Contact details and phone numbers can be found on the UCAS website, in the Telegraph newspaper or their mobile app and on the university's website.

0300 303 6300 is the clearing hotline number for the University of Hertfordshire.

If you have already made an application to the University of Hertfordshire and want to speak to us you can call us on our applicant hotline +44 (0)1707 284818.

What will I need

When you call a university Clearing line, you will need your:

  • Clearing Number (this will be displayed on the 'welcome' and 'choices' pages in UCAS Track)
  • UCAS number
  • results

What to say

When you call, remember to:

  • stay positive and enthusiastic about the course you are interested in
  • have your results and your Clearing Number to hand

A Clearing advisor may take your call when you phone the university. Tell the advisor which courses you are interested in. They may also ask you some questions about your results.

An admissions tutor may take over the call when you have provided the Clearing advisor with your initial details. They will assess your suitability for the course.

Keep trying

Lines are usually very busy on results day, so do keep trying.

If you are placed in a queue it's worth waiting till you get through to an advisor.

If the first university you call doesn't offer you a place, don't panic, just keep trying.

There are lots of options available so don't give up!

You may need to think about different subjects or locations.

Try to be open minded, but make sure you choose a place where you think you will be happy.

When will I know if I get a place?

Many universities will be able to give you a decision over the telephone, others may need to get back to you.

3. Accept a course offer

If you choose to accept a Clearing offer you will need to visit the UCAS Track website.

Click on the 'Add Clearing Choice' button and enter the institution and course details.

You can only enter details for one choice.

Universities will normally give you a date by which you must enter these details to be formally considered.

To accept a course offer at the University of Hertfordshire you must add the clearing choice within 2 workings days of the offer being issued.

Make sure you only enter a Clearing choice if the university or college has provisionally offered you a place on the course and you want to accept it.

If you enter a Clearing choice without discussing it with the university or college, this may delay the progress of your application.

Confirmation letter

If the university or college accepts you, the acceptance will be displayed in the 'choices' section of UCAS Track.

UCAS will also send you a letter to let you know your place is confirmed.

This letter, known as a Confirmation letter, will explain whether there is anything else you need to do.

The university or college will also get in touch with you directly about details such as accommodation.

...and that's it... congratulations, you've survived Clearing!

More information

Clearing open days

You may wish to visit the university before making your final choice. Many universities hold special clearing open days and campus tours during August and early September for this purpose.

The University of Hertfordshire's Clearing open days are held on:

  • Saturday 19 August 10:00 - 14:00
  • Tuesday 22 August 10:00 - 14:00

Find out more about Clearing open days.