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Advice for parents

Your step-by-step guide to clearing

Find out how you can support your son or daughter in preparing to attend university - a life-changing experience that will set them on the path to success. We've shared some top tips from a former clearing parent, however, if you would like some more guidance you can visit our extensive parents and guardians section for more guidance.

Julie's story

What was your role when your child applied through Clearing?

My main role was keeping my daughter calm and reassuring her that this was not the end of the world, just a bump in the road. I stayed with my daughter while she made her phone calls and supplied her with cups of tea.

How did you prepare for Clearing?

I hadn’t prepared for Clearing at all! My daughter had been predicted top grades so there was nothing to suggest that she would be in Clearing. I had heard through the Student Room that certain universities accepted students with lower than predicted grades, so had read the discussions about this, but nothing else.

What was your overall experience of Clearing?

I’m not going to hide behind the fact that it was a very stressful and difficult day. My daughter was very upset and it was a massive shock to wake up to. The first priority was to get her results from school so that we could start making calls.

Nine months on with Clearing as a dim and distant memory, she has just finished her first year at university. She has had a great first year and made some fantastic friends, so it has been a real success story.

What do you wish you’d known before Clearing?

I wish I’d done some research. It was good to be able to review what was on offer on the website.

What top tips would you give to parents about to go through the Clearing process with their child?

Consider a foundation degree with a guaranteed route into a university as they have lower entry requirements.

Also, visit the university if you haven't already. The University offers virtual tours as well as clearing open days so that you and your child can see it for yourselves, and ask questions about accommodation etc.

Parents' Guide to Clearing

We've put together a series of videos especially for Parents and Guardians to help their son/daughter through the Clearing process. For more info visit: www.herts.ac.uk/clearing