Educational Assessor on-line course

The course consists of predominantly self-directed study but there are live sessions led by the course leaders, Marianne Talbot and Newman Burdett

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Overall aims

To develop knowledge, understanding and application of the principles of educational assessment


You will be able to:

  • Describe the key learning taxonomies and relate them to educational assessment
  • List and describe the definitions and inferences of assessment
  • Make links between learning and assessment
  • Apply the principles of assessment to make a “good” test
  • Evaluate the importance of standards and comparability in educational assessment

Course Structure

This course takes place over three weeks although the majority of the self-study and the live sessions are concentrated within week two and three. The course consists of ten sessions; two live Adobe Connect sessions and eight self-study sessions. The course leaders will be available electronically throughout the course to answer queries and offer support. A breakdown of the course can be found below;

Week one

This week is a pre-course week in which participants are asked to introduce themselves and complete a short activity.

Week two

This week consists of four self-study sessions and a fifth live discussion.

  • Session 1: Introduction and Learning taxonomies
  • Session 2: What is assessment discussion?
  • Session 3: Purposes of assessment
  • Session 4: Learning and assessment
  • Session 5: Live Adobe Connect discussion

Week three

As for week two, the third week of the course includes four self-study sessions followed by the final live session.

  • Session 6: Types of assessment
  • Session 7: Making a good test
  • Session 8: Standards and comparability
  • Session 9: Course summary and recap
  • Session 10: Final live Adobe Connect discussion


Dates for this course:

  • 29 May - 14 June 2018.
  • 10 September - 01 October 2018

Cost: £250 per delegate

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