5 May 2020

A round-up of this week’s education news and comments.

Exam updates

  • Exam board furloughs some examiners and offers £250 goodwill payment to others. READ MORE
  • 'Shortened' GCSEs in autumn a possibility: Education secretary Gavin Wilson says the 'best form of an assessment is an exam' as he emphasises importance of autumn series. READ MORE
  • GCSE resits: Two-thirds still do not pass by 19. Two-thirds of learners who did not pass GCSE English and/or maths at 16 do not do so by 19, new data reveals. READ MORE
  • Is the calculated grades approach to summer examinations fair on students? READ MORE
  • Teacher-assessed A-level grades 'will be unfair': A-level students at private schools are almost twice as likely to be receiving regular work from teachers, study finds. READ MORE

Blogs & comments

Too many children miss out on education — but better data can help. A massive assessment of education shows that only 61 per cent of children worldwide will complete secondary education. READ MORE

Are students still learning during COVID-19? Formative assessment can provide the answer. READ MORE

Assessments by Design: Rethinking Assessment Learner Variability. READ MORE