18 May 2020

A round-up of this week’s education news and comments.


  • Education secretary announces coronavirus tests for schoolchildren: Gavin Williamson addressed parents and teaching unions over English schools reopening. READ MORE.
  • Reopening schools: how are other countries doing it? READ MORE.
  • Coronavirus: Schools safe to reopen, Michael Gove insists. READ MORE.
  • Friday evening news briefing: Unions and scientists stand-off over safety of reopening schools. READ MORE.
  • Coronavirus: Publish school reopening science, officers urged. READ MORE.
  • Keeping schools closed in England will widen inequalities – study finds. READ MORE.


  • 'I love school but exams erode learning joy': GCSE student Chloe Miller has always loved school, but was still happy for exams to be cancelled this year - they're too stressful and need to be replaced. READ MORE.

Further Education

  • Six things teachers must do to avoid biased GCSE grading. READ MORE.
  • Could e-learning represent the future of vocational training? READ MORE.
  • Online Instructor-Led Training: Why businesses need an OIL change to stay relevant. READ MORE.

Higher Education

  • Universities' move online 'must be done the right way': University students will still have to pay full tuition fees if classes are online. Refunds only available ‘if the quality isn’t there’, says minister. READ MORE.
  • Universities' move online 'must be done the right way'. READ MORE.


  • Introduce MCQ pattern, reduce exam hours: UGC. READ MORE.
  • High school students who took AP exams online may have to retake them because of a glitch. READ MORE.