3 August 2020

A message from Simon Sharp, CIEA Chair

At the regular Trustees Meeting held on Thursday 16th July, a discussion took place on managing the CIEA during the coming academic year. That discussion was required due to two considerations that will have an impact on the long-term viability of the CIEA, namely the impact on our organisation of the COVID pandemic and what that has meant to various aspects of our activities as a membership and training organisation, and the fact that during the coming academic year, our current partnership agreement with the University of Hertfordshire comes to an end.

Against that background, as Chair I proposed that all current Trustees continue in office until July 2021 (i.e. those otherwise retiring having completed their terms of office, whether by election or reappointment), and similarly, that I continue as Chair until July 2021 (which means my term is extended for one year above the norm). These proposals were made having taken advice and in order to make best use of the expertise available to the Board in what are uncertain times. We will hold elections for Trustees as usual in summer 2021, and appoint a new Chair. Meanwhile, we have a vacancy for an appointed Trustee and would be pleased to receive nominations from suitably-qualified individuals who would be interested in joining the Board in autumn 2020 to support us through this challenging period for the CIEA.

If any members have any objections to the Board’s proposals, please email them to administratorciea@herts.ac.uk by 14th August 2020.

Simon Sharp, Chair