3 July 2019

Ofqual’s Summer Symposium on 26 June was opened by Chief Regulator, Sally Collier.

The Symposium provided an overview of this summer's exam series and entry patterns, an explanation of how standards are maintained for GCSE, AS, A level and Applied General qualifications and shared details of Ofqual’s work to evaluate the reformed general qualifications.

Please find below links to the research, statistics and blogs that were mentioned at the event


Modular/Linear research

The impact of qualification reform on the practical skills of A level science students

Mathematical skills working group report

Indirect Assessment of Practical Skills Working Group Report


Provisional entries for GCSE, AS and A level: summer 2019 exam series


Using NRT evidence this summer (03 May 2019)

National Reference Test 2019 - 10 things you need to know (22 Feb 2019)

Applied Generals and Tech Levels this summer (18 Apr 2019)

How are teachers and students responding to new GCSEs and A levels? (05 Apr 2019)

Evaluating new GCSEs in French, German and Spanish (14 Feb 2019)

New A level maths in 2019 (08 Feb 2019)

GCSE tiering decisions for summer 2019 (15 Jan 2019)