12 December 2018

Schools Week reports that data published this week shows that the number of pupils in year 13 or above who sat a GCSE maths or English exam in November 2018, rose by 24,250 from the previous year.

Ofqual puts this down to the year 13 pupils who failed their English or maths GCSEs during the last year of the old qualifications in 2016 having had to “complete a full year of study” before resitting the exams.

Read the Schools Week report.

Mass deletion of ‘academic cheating’ videos

YouTube has deleted thousands of videos promoting academic cheating in the last week, according to the BBC. The videos advertised essay-writing services, which can lead to serious penalties for students.

Facebook and Google have also been requested to stop making money from adverts for essay writing companies.

Read the BBC report.

End of the summer exam season?

The Commons Education Select Committee heard last week that a rise in online testing could mark the end of the summer exam season. TES reports that pupils currently required to sit exams in the summer may have the choice to sit tests when they are ready if technology to facilitate public assessment is implemented.

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Second wave of T level subjects announced

The second wave of T level programmes, which will be taught from 2021, have been announced. TES reports that these will include:

  • Healthcare science
  • Science
  • On-site construction
  • Building services engineering
  • Digital support and services
  • Digital business services.

Read the TES report.