17 August 2017

Details of A Level results have been released today. A summary of can be found below:

A Level

Following phase 1 of the A level reforms which included content changes, less coursework, practical endorsement for sciences and AS level no longer contributing to A Level (in England). There appears to have been a relatively smooth transition with A level outcomes and entries remaining steady. Key facts include:

  • 18 year old population is down 1.7%
  • overall A level entries are down 1%
  • entry level patterns show most popular subjects remain almost the same (History has been overtaken by Chemistry
  • outcomes in reformed subjects 7.2 % received A*, 24.3% A*- A and 98.1% A*- E
  • outcomes in unreformed subjects 10.4% received A*, 30.6 % A*- A and 98.1% A*- E

Points to note:

Reformed subjects show a drop in percentage points from equivalent subjects in 2016. This reflects the slightly lower prior attainment for students taking these subjects along with the reformed subject mix (some subjects, such as Maths, which normally have higher outcomes are not reformed).

Modern Foreign Languages

As predicted there was an increase in A* and A grades. This has been attributed to a small but significant number of native speakers taking A Levels in French, German and Spanish.


To be viewed with caution, but in A level reformed subjects girls perform the same or better than males but males seem to be closing the gap.

AS Level

Phase 2 reformed AS in England has seen, as expected, a decline in AS entries since it’s uncoupling from the A Level. Although over 700,000 AS entries, the numbers were down 39.1%. The Extended Project continues to grow and Further Maths sees entry numbers up by 4.6%.

Changing patterns of entry for the AS makes year on year comparisons unreliable.

Further details from the JCQ website.