6 July 2017

The BBC report that following leaks of two Edexcel A-level exams last week, Rod Bristow, Chief Executive of Edexcel has expressed “profound regret” over the incidents.

The maths A-level paper was allegedly on sale online whilst the A-level economics exam appeared on social media. A criminal investigation is underway after two men were arrested and released pending further enquiries.
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Ofsted focus on a well-rounded education

The Guardian reports that Ofsted are to closely monitor schools which are placing their focus purely on exam results and boosting their league table standing instead of a well-rounded education. Amanda Spielman, Head of Ofsted stated,
“Rather than just intensifying the focus on data, Ofsted inspections must explore what is behind the data, asking how results have been achieved. Inspections, then, are about looking underneath the bonnet to be sure that a good quality education –one that genuinely meets pupils’ needs – is not being compromised.”
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The future of public exams

The TES write about the future of public exams following GCSE and A Level exams which were sat by thousands of students across the country over the past few weeks. The article explores the challenges faced by public exams which TES argue are antiquated. Challenges of the how, what and why of public exams are discussed and include;
* administering high stakes exams digitally
* provision of exams which reflect the way the course is studied and the how students are likely to work in the future
* how to keep up with developments with voice activation technology
* how to address the one-size-fits-all format
* how to address when to sit an exam – students are ready at different times
* Why do we test what we do, in the way we do, when we do?
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