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CIEA Webinar - The Morality of Assessment

Webinar focus

This webinar will identify and analyse moral questions about assessment in educational contexts. Beginning with a brief explanation of the domain of “morality”, the presentation will focus on three questions:

What is the moral justification for educational assessment? What moral challenges are made to educational assessment and are they persuasive? and, What moral principles should govern practice in educational assessment?

The presenters argue for a moral base for educational assessment and moral principles governing its implementation.

The presentation will propose justifications for educational assessment as promoting or supporting private and public goods, but contingent on whether the benefits identified are achieved. Echoing the medical principle “First, do no harm”, the presenters contend that that there is a moral imperative to minimise harm in when/how assessment is done and how its outcomes are used.

They also consider how the rights of learners are affected by assessment. The presentation concludes that the most fundamental moral questions underpinning educational assessment in the mid-21st century are: “What evidence (from the ever-increasing mass available) is it right to use to make judgements that matter about learners?”; and “What processes are morally justified to obtain that evidence, make the judgements and communicate the outcomes?”


We are delighted to welcome CIEA Chair Stuart Shaw and  Isabel Nisbet


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Further information

The webinar will be recorded. All participants will be able to ask questions.

We hope you will be able to join us.