Perspectives on educational provision from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

CIEA Webinar - It’s not all about England

This webinar has been postponed from November and will now take place in January.

Our next webinar will be held on Tuesday 17th January 7:00pm – 8:00pm.

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It’s not all about England: perspectives from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

The next CIEA webinar will focus on current issues and developments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. With devolved responsibilities for education and training including the curriculum and qualifications, each jurisdiction has its unique system. Each has evolved differently, and all have distinct characteristics. And significantly, proposals are emerging that, if implemented, will see greater divergence still from the English system.

The webinar will provide an insight into educational provision in each country, highlighting current issues with the school curriculum and how it is assessed and proposals for reform that are being discussed and implemented.

The session will provide an insight into thinking across the UK and some of the lessons we have learnt from the experiences of provision during the COVID pandemic.

Our contributors:

  • From Northern Ireland, Michael McAuley - Business Manager, Qualifications, CCEA.
  • From Scotland, Margaret Farragher - Director of Policy, Analysis and Standards, SQA.
  • From Wales, Kevin Palmer - Deputy Director, Pedagogy, Leadership and Professional Learning, Welsh Government.