This new project expands and reconfigures ideas central to Marsh’s research: offstage space; production-in-production; affective and cultural labour; music as a framing device; and the Brechtian revealing of the mechanics of cultural/theatrical production.

‘Love Mysterious (Work in 3 Acts)’ is a new long form film installation, co-produced with the Opera North in Leeds, which brings forth an altered experience of the infamous opera La Traviata. With a focus on the culture of the workplace and routine labour around the stage, the film provides insight on affect ‘s role in the production process, explores the relationship of operatic music and its grand narrative to the visual screen-based image and brings operatic tradition into context with present-day realities. Producing a new mise-en-scene, the film installation reveals the processes of labouring practices that produce collective subjectivities, sociality and a microcosm of society itself.

Upcoming exhibition venues include:

January 2015-January 2018

Project Partners

‘Love Mysterious (Work in 3 Acts)’ is produced in partnership with Opera North who facilitated the on-site research, development and film production.

The first installation of the project, develop in partnership with fig-2, was exhibited at the ICA in London from November 9th to 15th with 3 screenings daily.


  • Canada Council of the Arts
  • Opera North
  • Art Fund


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