Our Expertise

CAP members bring their interests and activities as artists to the fore in our teaching and invite postgraduate to work with us on appropriate projects. Our areas of expertise and interests are:

Art / Science collaborations, including art and psychology, art and anthropology, art and physics.

Ecological art including trans-ecology, art and climate change

Experimental moving image and sound, including installation, narrative creation in interactive media, interactive cinema

Documentary photography, including urban spaces and narratives, globalisation and the 'urban experience'

Game Audio, immersive cinematic music and sound designs for virtual worlds.  

Inter-disciplinary sculpture and installation.

Gender in the Arts (Music)

Music Composition: Songwriting, Choral + Brass Compositions, Music for Contemporary Dance

Music Composition: sound-design for installation and artist moving image; voice spatialization; sound acoustics; programming for sound and music.

Painting and expanded painting practices

Socially engaged practices including participatory art, relational aesthetics, psycho-geography,

Theoretical expertise in the histories of Russian, Soviet and post-Soviet art, contemporary art practices and gender politics, Darwinisms and their impact on cultural production, UK folk-songs as aspects of secular "visual" narratives.

Text and Image

Psychosocial and Art therapy practices including education and training, wellbeing and social inclusion, applied psychoanalytic thinking in community settings. Trauma and attachment, community engagement and social action. Research in teaching, learning and practice. Evidence based practice, participatory research, heuristic research, collaborative enquiry, co-production, mapping, photovoice, social dreaming and mural making

Working with collections and archives, including ethnographic Museum collections and Living Archives