Working at MBDA - Hear from Jacob Stevens

I chose to become an apprentice because I think that these days, employers are starting to value on-the-job training and experience as highly as qualifications when looking for employees. I also think that my particular apprenticeship scheme gives me an excellent head start in my career, because by the time I finish my apprenticeship programme, I’ll have a degree, no student debt, 4 years of valuable work experience and my foot in the door at a great company.

I love the fact that as an apprentice I’ve already had so many fantastic opportunities to develop myself professionally, academically and socially.

Jacob Stevens, Programmes Commercial Operations

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If you are considering a degree apprenticeship remember you will be studying towards a degree whilst working full-time so it will not be the easiest. The best advice I can give is making sure you have a clear schedule/plan of how you will organise your time for study as soon as you have your timetable. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek help when you need to, as all the members of staff who run the programme are here to help.

The University is committed to providing ongoing support for businesses in the development and delivery of apprenticeship programmes.

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