Professional development

In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, you need to stay sharp and relevant. No matter what your role is, and whatever stage of your career you're at, you can find personal and professional development at the University.

A successful business needs employees that are focused, well-trained and highly motivated and the University of Hertfordshire can help prepare your organisation to be better positioned to develop a dynamic culture that fosters great productivity, produces fresh ideas and boosts the bottom line.

With a huge capability in training and development, we can provide what you need through.

Executive business leadership courses

We are proud to offer a wide range of postgraduate qualifications at Hertfordshire Business School. All of these programmes are available on a part-time basis to work around your employment. Many of our executive leadership programmes are available at degree apprenticeships.

Work based business qualifications

Did you know that you can convert your business and management experience into a Master's degree? We can offer you an individually tailored, work-based, distance learning degree in subject areas such as:

  • Business and Management Studies
  • Professional Development Studies

This route is suitable for experienced working professionals and managers with over 5 years' experience. The first step is to discuss your prior work experience and any professional qualifications you have, and then agree a tailored degree route for you.

Typically this may consist of the production of an evidence-based portfolio and a work-based learning project. Alternatively, University modules, classroom or online, can be included along with credit for professional qualifications.

A dedicated supervisor and team will guide you through an 18 - 24 month programme. Support methods will include one-to-one mentoring through meetings, telephone and email, at a time to suit you.

CPD business programmes

Our courses are designed to provide opportunities for professionals to expand their knowledge and enhance their workplace effectiveness. All our short courses are led by experienced professional practitioners and academic subject experts.

CPD health programmes

The School of Health and Social Work at Hertfordshire is one of the largest Health and Social Work providers in the UK. We work with local education and training boards to deliver our programmes, ensuring an extremely high standard and making them among the best in the country.

Our health CPD courses are designed to develop your career, giving you a professional edge within your specialist area, be it health or social care. Our dedication to educate professionals is what drives us. Through this, we aim to help improve patient outcomes, and general healthcare provision.

To view all our courses please visit our Health and Social Work CPD portal

Courses available for bespoke delivery

We can also be commissioned by employers and organisations to deliver customised in-house solutions on a variety of key business areas.

We bring learning into business by creating bespoke courses and training packages around the needs of your organisation and employees as well as accrediting current in house run courses that count towards a formal academic award.

Contact us to enquire about customised workshops for your organisation.